10 Best Meditation and Yoga Apps for iPad [2023]

10 Best Meditation and Yoga Apps for iPad [2023]

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Today, technology helps us in many aspects of our lives, including our health. Yoga and meditation are among the best methods to stay healthy in the age of technology.

meditation yoga apps for ipad

They help us relax our mind and maintain a healthy body. There are many devices and apps that help us stay healthy and maintain our well-being, and iPads are great for this because they have large screens and can do many things. Thanks to the bigger screen and great speakers, you can use iPads to watch videos that teach us exercises, guide us through meditation and yoga, and track our health journey.

If you have an iPad, this guide will show you how to use your iPad and some health apps for your Yoga and meditation. This can help you take better care of your health.

The Best Yoga and Meditation Apps for iPad Users


headspace app

Let’s start with the best meditation apps for iPad, starting with Headspace.

Headspace is a popular meditation app that offers a variety of features designed to promote mindfulness, stress relief, better sleep, and more. It is available for all major platforms, including the iPad. As an active user of Headspace, I initially used the app on my Android smartphone. However, after switching to the iPad, I have found that my ability to concentrate has improved significantly and the wonderful animations are much more enjoyable on the large screen.

The app offers guided meditations and mindfulness exercises on a variety of topics including stress, general anxiety, worry, resilience building and more. The app includes a variety of mindfulness exercises to reduce stress and tension. You can also choose personalized mindfulness exercises based on your activity and mood. Headspace also offers guided programs, video-based lessons from various mentors on specific topics such as stress management, healthy eating and more. For better sleep, Headspace also offers sleep casts, soothing and relaxing sounds for better sleep.

Headspace is free to download and use, but most content is locked behind a paywall. Headspace offers two auto-renewing subscription options: $12.99 per month and $69.99 per year. The app requires iOS 14.0 or later for iPhone, iPadOS 14.0 or later for iPad.

Download the Headspace app for your iPad


calm app

Next we have the Calm app, a direct competitor to Headspace but with a different approach. The app offers guided meditations, led by experts and suitable for all levels of experience, through direct videos and audio content.

It covers a wide range of topics, including meditation, deep sleep, stress management, calming anxiety, focus, breaking habits, self-esteem, and more. For better sleep, Calm also features exclusive sleep stories from personalities such as Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Fry, Rose and Jerome Flynn.

In addition to masterclasses, the app also includes daily meditation and breathing exercises to help users relax and relieve stress. There are also daily 10-minute programs such as Daily Calm with Tamara Levitt, Daily Trip with Jeff Warren, and Daily Jay with Jay Shetty to quickly relieve stress and tension.

The Calm app is free to use, but similar to Headspace, most of the content is behind a paywall. You can sign up for a premium subscription to unlock the content and get additional benefits. You can choose to pay $14.99 every month or $69.99 once a year. There is also the option to pay $399.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Download the Calm app for your iPad

Smiling Mind

smiling mind app

Smiling Mind is my personal favorite of the free meditation apps designed to promote mental well-being. The app offers guided meditations with animated content for both beginners and advanced users. The app originates from Australia, was developed by psychologists and educators, and is part of a non-profit organization.

The biggest highlight of the app is its user interface and the app is completely free. Watching and listening on the iPad is really good and unlike other apps, everything in the app is free. The app offers a guided meditation program that is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

The app also offers various programs that help improve mental health, manage technology, improve relationships, reduce stress, and more. It also offers programs for children as young as 3 years old and special programs for the whole family. You can also download meditations for offline use, which is another advantage of the app.

Moreover, the app supports a dashboard that lets you track your progress, as well as a built-in meditation practice with streaks and more. Overall, Smiling Mind is the best option if you are looking for a free meditation app for your iPad. The app offers meditation and mindfulness programs with simple animations.

Download the Smiling Mind app for your iPad


breethe app

Breethe is another popular app to make wellness and meditation a part of your daily routine. The app offers various mindfulness and meditation programs to maintain your wellness and sleep better. You can also set personal goals and achieve them on a daily basis.

It has more than 1700 libraries of tracks, including meditations, hypnotherapy, tapping, sleep stories, pre-bedtime visualizations, music and sounds. It also offers personalized programs to help you achieve your goals.

The app is divided into intuitive sections like “Start Your Day,” “Take a Break,” and “Go to Sleep.” This makes it easy to incorporate mindfulness into your busy schedule and choose the program based on your preferences and the timing of the activity.

In addition to the meditation and health tracks, the app recently announced an AI Coach, which is personally supervised by an AI therapist. This includes an AI therapist, an AI best friend, an AI life coach, an AI sleep coach, an AI emotion coach, an AI relationship coach, and more.

Breethe is free to use, but most content and programs are behind a paywall. You can pay $12.99 each month or $89.99 once a year to get full access to the programs and unlock additional benefits in the app. There is also the option to pay $179.99 once for lifetime access to the app.

Download Breethe App for your iPad 


medito app

Medito is another simple and free app that aims to improve mental well-being and offers various methods such as guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, breathing exercises, relaxing sounds and more. The app is free and comes from a non-profit organization. The app is not yet optimized for the iPad and cannot take advantage of the large screen. Believe me, after using the app for a while, you can get used to the smaller form factor.

The app includes daily guided well-being classes for beginners and advanced users. This includes daily meditations, sleep meditations, meditations for stress and anxiety management, and meditations for coping with work life. It also includes other content such as breathing exercises, a meditation timer, gratitude practices, mindful routines, relaxing music, and more.

The guided meditations come from the Medito Foundation and several other organizations such as UCLA, Dhamma Talks and Audio Dharma. These meditations are based on both ancient and new techniques. All of the app’s content is free to use, and you can also download it and use it offline.

The user interface is simple and clean (except for opening on a smaller screen, but you can get used to that). It displays your stats and streaks on the home screen. The app focuses mainly on four aspects: Daily Meditation, Timer, Sleep, and Access to Downloads. You’ll also find today’s quote on the home screen to motivate you every day.

Overall, Medito is another best free app for your well-being. The app is not optimized for iPad, but if you are looking for a free version with download access, Medito is still the best choice.

Download the Medito app for your iPad

Yoga | Down Dog

yoga down dog

Yoga Down Dog is a beginner-friendly Yoga app aimed at beginners. The app offers simple and detailed beginner-friendly Yoga practices such as Vinyasa, Cardio Flow, Hatha, Gentle, Restorative, Yin, Ashtanga, Chair, Yoga Nidra, Hot 26, Sun Salutation and more. You can also use the app to create personalized yoga workouts for your needs. You can also use the app to strengthen specific body parts.

The app offers a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can easily choose the yoga exercises and music that suits your mood. It offers detailed yoga videos guided by professional yoga instructors. You can adjust the quality, background music and voice volume, set a timeline and timer, and more. You can also transfer the video to other devices. The app also lets you download the content for offline access.

You can choose between six different yoga teachers to be guided by a voice you love. In addition to the six English-speaking voices, all yoga practices are available in nine other languages, which can be very useful for many people.

Yoga Down Dog requires an iPad OS 14.0 or higher. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and Mac with Apple M1 chip or newer. The app is free to use. You can download it directly from the App Store for free. The app offers a 30-day free trial and subsequent memberships cost $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. You can still use the app for free, but most content will be locked behind a paywall.

Download Yoga Down Dog for iPad

Daily Yoga for Beginners

daily yoga beginners

Daily Yoga for Beginners is another simple and easy-to-use yoga app that you can use on iPad. The app offers beginner-friendly yoga exercises that are suitable for everyone. The app offers over 100 basic exercises with well-explained, simply animated text and video instructions. It also includes various exercises for people suffering from muscle tension, back pain, and other chronic conditions.

In addition to guided full-time workouts, the app also allows you to do quick workout routines to complete yoga exercises in less time. It also tracks your progress with daily challenges and syncs your data with Apple Health, which can be very helpful if you wear an Apple Watch.

The app is free and there are two annoying things that I really hate. The first is the ads. They distract you and sometimes you have to wait for the video to end, which can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of a workout or planning a quick exercise. Second, the app isn’t optimized for the iPad, which means it works on a smaller screen, but you can get used to that after using the app for a few days.

The user interface is clean and simple, another one of my personal favorites. The app is free to use. You can upgrade to the premium account to unlock additional workouts and features in the app. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and Mac with Apple M1 chip or higher.

Download Daily Yoga Beginners for iPad

Apple Fitness+


If you’re part of the Apple ecosystem and own an Apple Watch, Apple Fitness+ may be the best option for you. Apple Fitness+ offers 12 different workouts, including yoga, and has more than 3000 workout and meditation videos to choose from.

The app offers video-based instructional videos. You can join the programs or set your own goals. If you’re also signed in to Apple Music, music plays automatically based on your mode and performance during your workout.

The biggest highlight of Apple Fitness Plus is the display of real-time metrics on your screen from your Apple Watch. You can see on-screen personalized real-time metrics like your heart rate, burn bar, and all three activity rings.

Overall, Apple Fitness Plus is the best option if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem and own an Apple Watch. It displays real-time workout data and offers basic to advanced instructional videos, including yoga workouts.

Get Apple Fitness+ for your iPad

Yoga Time: For Beginners & All

simple yoga app

Finally, we have Yoga Time, a simple and straightforward app that offers over 100 basic yoga exercises with well-explained text and videos. The yoga exercises are divided into different categories, starting with basics, beginner, balance, beer, cardio core detox, cardio, opening, tips, meditation powers, restore sleep, strength, stretch and more.

Each category includes different classes with simple video and text content. You can simply tap on the video to have it play instantly. The app also remembers all the videos you’ve watched in the app. You can also customize the music and choose different tracks while you work out. The app tracks your progress with daily challenges and syncs your data with Apple Health.

The app’s user interface is simple and straightforward. The app is free and you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock additional benefits and download courses for offline access.

Download Yoga Time: For Beginners & All app for iPad


iPads are great for drawing, taking notes and watching movies. They can also help you exercise, take care of your health, and join us in yoga and meditation. Thanks to the bigger screen and all the meditation and yoga apps on the iPad, it’s now easier than ever to practice yoga and meditation. I hope you find this list helpful. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to share them in the comments below.

FAQs on Best Yoga Apps for iPad

Can I effectively meditate or practice yoga with just an iPad?

Yes, the iPad can be a great device to meditate or practice yoga effectively. Thanks to its larger screen and loud speakers, it can enhance the overall experience of practicing yoga.

What are some free wellness apps available on the iPad?

There are hundreds of wellness apps for iPad in different categories.

  • AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch (Sleep Tracker): This app provides detailed reports on your sleep patterns when synced with an Apple Watch. It tracks various metrics of sleep quality.
  • Slumber: Fall Asleep, Insomnia: This app offers sleep meditation, stories, and music to help you fall asleep.
  • Clue Period: This app lets you track your ovulation, period, and fertility days. It also includes workout options like Kegels, Pilates, strength training, and more.
  • Motivation – Daily Quotes: This app provides positive and motivational quotes as reminders to boost your mental strength.
  • Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker: This app helps you structure your daily routine, develop healthy habits, stay focused, and connect with a community of like-minded people.
  • Adidas Running-Run Tracker (Fitness): This app is ideal for tracking various physical activities like running, cycling, and yoga. It records the distance covered, duration of exercise, and calories burned.
  • Moody: Mood Tracker & Journal: This app allows you to track your mood and reactions to different situations.
  • Reflectly – Journal & AI Diary: This AI-powered app analyzes your journal entries and provides mood graphs and statistical charts.

Is it safe to share my health data with these apps?

Yes, with most of the apps listed here, it is safe to share your health data. But it’s always the best decision to check the app’s privacy policy before submitting your health data. Here are some other things to consider before sharing your health data with these apps:

  • Download only Trusted and Reputed apps: Only download apps that are well-known and trusted. This way, you can choose a good app that gives helpful health tips and not just any app that might not be reliable.
  • Check Privacy Policies: Before you share your health data with an app, you should read their privacy policy. This will tell you what they do with your health data and how they use it.
  • Look for Security Features: The app should have good security features like data encryption to protect your data.
  • Share Minimum Data: Share only what is necessary. Don’t share more information than the app needs. If you use an iPad or other Apple device, you can use the “Ask app not to Track” feature to limit the information shared with the app.
  • Regularly Update Apps: Keep your apps up to date. Updates often bring security improvements.
  • Don’t Share If Not Sure: If you’re unsure about the app’s security, you shouldn’t share your health data.

Does meditation help to reduce mobile addiction?

Yes, yoga and meditation can help you reduce your cell phone addiction. There are certain courses to reduce smartphone and cell phone addiction. You can also use other methods such as setting up digital timers, turning off unnecessary notifications, setting time limits on device use, and engaging in a healthier activity instead. This can be reading a book, taking a walk, and more.

What is the most user-friendly iPad health & fitness app?

Almost all of the apps listed in this post offer a user-friendly interface and are easy to use. Some of the most popular apps include Headspace, Clam, Yoga Daily and many more.

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