3 Kratom Supplements That Will Give You An Energy Boost

3 Kratom Supplements That Will Give You An Energy Boost

3 Kratom Supplements That Will Give You An Energy Boost

The kratom plant is known as Mitragyna speciosa among scientists and research scholars. It is a herbal plant growing in the forests of Southeast Asia. The plant is mainly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. For hundreds of years, the natives of the jungles of these countries have used kratom extract to treat different medical conditions. Traditionally, people have consumed kratom extract by chewing, smoking, or in the form of tea. Although kratom is not an opioid, it has some stimulant-like properties.

The supply has also increased with the number of people consuming kratom. Thus, knowing which kratom vendor you should select has great importance. If you wish to buy kratom that provides significant energy, we have listed three of the best vendors to buy kratom from. We have also given details on how a vendor should be chosen, the different types of kratom, the ideal dosage, the legality of the extract, and what precautions people should consider when consuming kratom.

Varieties Of Kratom

There are various types of kratom available. However, the more prominent groups include red, white, and green kratom. There are multiple strains under these kratom types, which have different benefits in their usage. Some strains also help boost energy and relieve fatigue, stress, depression, etc.

Red Kratom

These are the most potent varieties of kratom due to their high amounts of Mitragynine. This variety comes from kratom leaves which have fully matured. Red maeng da kratom is among the best-known red varieties of kratom and is also one the best kratom to increase energy in a lazy person. Some popular strains of red kratom include Dark Elephant, Red Bali, Red Indo, Dark Red Borneo, etc.

White Kratom

White kratom comes from the immature leaves of the kratom plant. These strains aren’t found readily in the market and, as a result, have high demand due to lesser supply. Some of the best-known white vein kratom strains include White Borneo, White Bali, White Jongkong, etc. The best white strain that helps improve energy in humans are White Maeng Da, White Thai, White Borneo, and White Sumatra.

Green Kratom

Green varieties of kratom come from the semi matured kratom leaves. These strains are the best for beginners since their effects are balanced due to a balanced level of alkaloid present in the kratom strains. Green Borneo is the most famous green strain. Other strains that increase energy include green Maeng da, green Vietnam, green Malay, and green Thai.

How To Choose The Right Kratom Vendor

The current kratom market is overwhelmed by hundreds of vendors, which makes it a challenging and frightening task to choose the best among the lot. However, kratom users should remember specific tips and pointers when trying to find the perfect vendor and suitable strains for themselves. 

  • Firstly, people should look for vendors selling high-quality products with different kratom strains. The collection should include different strains and forms of kratom products like powders, capsules, tablets, tea bags, etc. The kratom sourced must be pure and pass through multiple levels of filtration to keep the extract safe for human consumption.
  • Users should only buy kratom from those vendors who provide lab reports that clarify that the products are safe. The lab tests should be done in third-party independent laboratories so the company can’t show any business. It is the right of every user to ask for the lab reports from the vendors, and if any vendor doesn’t provide these reports, immediately step away from the place because the vendor can be fake or be selling harmful products.
  • Before trusting any vendor, people should check online reviews and testimonials from people who have already used the products. The vendor should also be recognized by the American Kratom Association or the AKA, which is the apex kratom-controlling body in the USA after the FDA and the government. Users should also be knowledgeable enough to decide whether the reviews are made up or legitimate.

These are some key points that people must remember when choosing the best possible vendor for themselves. However, we have created three of the best USA vendors to make your work easier. Read the article about them and see which has won your heart.

Top Three Companies To Buy Kratom From

The three below-mentioned brands are some of the best in the industry. These brands sell highly potent products that are best for energy and other health benefits.

  1. Super Speciosa
  2. Golden Monk
  3. MIT – 45

Super Speciosa


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Super Speciosa is one of the most renowned kratom retailers in the USA. The company uses kratom products like powders, capsules, tablets, tea bags, and gummies. All three main types of colour are available, viz., green, red, and white, alongside all the in-demand strains like maeng da, Bali, Malay, Thai, Borneo, and a few speciality strains. The vendor also has a wholesale service and excellent reviews on the internet. 

Super speciosa is an American Kratom Association-certified vendor that follows the strictest GMP standards when manufacturing its products. All the products sold by the vendor are sourced from the jungles of Southeast Asia, i.e., there is a cent per cent authenticity to the product manufacturing. 

The products contain no fillers, additives, or synthetics and are herbal. Due to strict GMP standards, all Super speciosa products undergo proper lab testing to prevent product contamination from contaminants, microbes, and heavy metals.

The Products Range

Super speciosa has an incredibly long list of products available in its collection. The vendor has categorized the products in three different ways. One is a difference in form, the second is a colour difference, and the last is strain. 

  • Starting with powder, Super speciosa has all kinds of strains in different coloured powders. All the powder form kratom products are available in five sizes – 20 grams, 100 grams, 250 grams, 1 kilogram, and 5 kilograms.
  • Next are the Super speciosa capsules, which are the hottest-selling product of the company. These capsules help deliver crystal clear focus, supercharge energy levels, are an excellent way to rest and repair the body, provide great motivation, and are highly relaxing. All Super speciosa kratom capsules are available in four different-sized packages – 60 counts (30 g), 180 counts (90 g), 320 counts (160 g), and 1000 counts (500 g). Along with the capsules, tablets are available on the company’s shelves. Tablets also perform the same function as capsules. Super speciosa kratom tablets are only available at a cheap price in 150 grams or 5.3 ounces capacity.
  • People usually enjoy morning tea, which is nothing special or unhealthy for the body (if it’s not herbal or green tea). Kratom brings the goodness of multiple health benefits to the body. When it is available in the form of tea bags, most people will be able to enjoy it every day, right in the morning, and get filled with energy and productivity all day. Super speciosa was one the first companies to develop the revolutionary idea of serving kratom in morning or evening tea. A 15 bags pack of Super speciosa tea bags is available at one of the best rates on the Super speciosa website.
  • Lastly, Super speciosa has one of its best sellers in the market in the form of kratom gummies. These sweet and delicate gummy bears are a national favourite of the states. Gummies induced with kratom are among the best-selling products across many other vendors, showing how much sweetness American citizens prefer. Super speciosa has made available three distinctly flavoured gummies – Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Blueberry extra strength. Each jar of these bite-sized energy boosters comes in counts of 30 at an unbelievably low price.

Why Shop From Them

We have considered multiple factors when ranking Super speciosa at one of the top places in our recommendations list. Let’s see what the reasons to shop from Super speciosa are.

  • All the products manufactured by Super speciosa are made using all-natural products that contain no fillers and synthetic elements, making them safe for human use and reducing the chances of side effects forming.
  • All Super speciosa products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Thus, if the product is returned within the period mentioned above, the customer gets a full refund without a single question being asked.
  • Super speciosa is imminent for its superior customer service model. The company has a dedicated 24 x 7 helpline that professionally helps customers with all their queries.
  • The company is registered under or has been certified by the American Kratom Association, which is the highest seal of trust in the kratom manufacturing industry in the USA. Thus, Super speciosa also follows the strictest GMP in the industry.
  • Super speciosa boasts a vast collection of products ranging from powders to tea bags and gummies in all colours and strains. The collection is more extensive than most other kratom vendors in the States.
  • The shipment and delivery time are quick. The company reveals that all orders placed before 2 PM (Eastern Time Zone) will be shipped on the same day except Sundays. The company also used premium shipping methods with accelerated shipping choices.
  • All the products are thoroughly checked in the laboratories and come with lab reports for customers to check if they are safe to consume. 
  • Super speciosa also sells the cheapest products in the industry, with many sales throughout the year and coupon codes circulating in the market. There is also a flat 15% off on the first order.

Product Pricing

One of the greatest USPs of SUper speciosa is its product pricing. It is cheap and affordable yet the best in quality. Let’s see what these prices are.

  • All powders start from $9.99 for 20 grams or 0.7 oz. One hundred grams or 3.5 oz costs $19.99, 250 grams or 8.8 oz costs $39.99, a kilo or 2.2 lbs costs $139.99, and five kilos or 11 lbs costs $499.
  • All capsules start at $16 for 60 counts or 30 grams. It costs $43 for 180 counts or 90 grams, $58.99 for 320 or 160 grams, and $119.99 for 1000 or 500 grams. Tablets are only available in one size, 150 grams or 5.3 oz, and cost $59.99.
  • Customers can buy SUper speciosa tea bags for high energy levels all day for $24.99. 
  • Gummy jars are available in four quantities. It starts from 20 grams or four counts, available at $9.99, then comes 30 counts or 150 grams for $49.99, 60 counts or 300 grams for $79.99, and 90 counts or 450 grams for $119.99.

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Golden Monk


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Golden Monk is one of the leading kratom vendors in the USA. The vendor sells various kratom products, from different strains of kratom powders to kratom capsules. Red, green, and white strains of kratom products are primarily available on the Golden Monk website. The company is registered under the American Kratom Association, which makes the company abide by the strictest of good manufacturing practices, ultimately providing customers with the safest and best quality kratom products. 

Golden Monk sources its kratom from Indonesia because it is the country where the best quality kratom plants and leaves are found. All the products the vendor sells undergo rigorous lab testing for microbes and heavy metals, which can harm the body immensely. Quality lab checks also ensure the products’ safety and purity. 

Although Golden Monk is still in its growing and initial days, it has already captured a considerable part of the market through its incredible pricing and high-grade products. 

The vendor also provides money-back guarantees and a customer loyalty program. Additional discounts and lower rates are charged for bulk shopping, and the company pledges that customers will enjoy every dollar 

they spend with Golden Monk.

The Products Range

Looking for the best kratom for energy? Golden Monk has an incredibly long range of products available in its collection. The vendor sells different kinds of kratom capsules, different strains of kratom powder, and a unique product called Split Kilos (Golden Monk is one of the pioneers of this product category in the industry).

  • Kratom capsules are one of the best ways to consume kratom because they provide only the required amount in each pill. The product page of Golden Monk shows that each gelatin-based kratom capsule contains around 500 mg of kratom powder inside them, which is sufficient for an average kratom user. It is also lighter on the stomach and doesn’t cause the stomach to be upset. Lastly, it doesn’t have the earthy taste and the characteristic pungent smell of kratom.
  • Golden Monk sells many strains of kratom capsules like Red Maeng da, Super Green Malay, red Bali, Red Borneo, White Borneo, etc. Capsules are available in counts of 250, 500, 1000, and 2000, and all these packages come at an excellent rate. 
  • In the powders section, the Golden Monks website has four distinct categories of selection – Maeng da, red vein, green vein, and white vein. However, maeng da kratom is also found in the three above colours. These powders are available in quantities of 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1000 grams or a kilo. These quantities are the same for all the other types of kratom powders.
  • Split kilo is a novel concept wherein the buyer buys half a kilo of one kratom strain and another half a kilo of another strain. Both strains are mixed, and customers have to order in two groups. Multiple vendors have started this system because it allows customers to mix two different strains that suit their taste buds, not buy them individually, and then mix them at their homes. Split kilo is only available for kratom powder, not capsules or tablets.

Why Shop From Them

Choosing a kratom vendor can be a challenging decision. But we are here to help you by providing a few points to help you decide whether Golden Monk will be a good fit for you.

  • All the products sold by Golden Monk are 100% natural and sourced from the country of origin. The products contain no chemical additives, contaminants, or taste enhancers.
  • Golden Monk provides fast shipping, and all orders above $44.99 are free of shipping charges. It helps reduce costs and make the products more affordable for the customers.
  • All Golden Monk products come with a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. If customers aren’t satisfied with the taste or the effects of the product within the first 30 days from the date of purchase, they can return the kratom item and claim a full refund without any questions being asked of them.
  • Golden Monk provides multiple checkout options. One of the best ways of checkout the vendor provides is payment using Bitcoin, a secure and more modern means of completing a transaction.
  • Golden Monk is an AKA-certified vendor and follows the strictest of GMP rules to help deliver the best possible products to customers.
  • The prices of all Golden Monk products are competitive, with great discounts and sales running all through the year. There is also a loyalty program where customers get loyalty points after every purchase, which can be redeemed for extra discounts for future purchases. There is a 30% discount on orders above $49 and an excess 15% discount if the customer pays via e-cheque and ACH.

Product Pricing

Golden Monk is known for its best in the industry competitive pricing. The company doesn’t put a price tag above the average market prices so that customers from all sections of society find it affordable to shop from Golden Monk’s website. Let’s see what the prices for different products are.

  • Kratom capsules on Golden Monk’s website are available for $44.99 and $254.99. A package with a count of 250 costs $44.99; for a count of 500, the cost is $67.99; a 1000-count pack costs $135.99; and the 2000-count pack is delivered at an unbelievable price tag of $254.99.
  • All kratom powders, including Maeng da, red, green, and white kratom, are available for $39.99 and $89.99, lower than the average market prices for kratom powders. The 250 grams kratom powder package comes for $39.99, A 500 grams bag will cost $69.99, and a kilo of any coloured and any strain of kratom powder will cost $89.99. 
  • All split-kilo kratom varieties are available at a record-breaking price of $44.99.

Safety And Compliance

Although not all information about the safety and compliance techniques followed by Golden Monk is available, some of its information is still available on the website. For example, Golden Monk sources its kratom from reputed dealers in the countries of Southeast Asia. The company also has excellent quality control measures that help it produce kratom products of the highest quality and highest levels of purity. All products are lab-tested by third-party laboratories to confirm they are free from microbes and heavy metals that can cause human illness. 

Golden Monk is also an AKA registered company, which makes it mandatory for the company to comply with GMP practices, open FDA-registered manufacturing hubs, maintain the appropriate ratio of kratom and other substances in the product, clearly show the nutritional values, dosage, and terms of use on the labelling, pack the products properly, etc. Thus, all these points show that Golden Monk is a reputed, responsible, and trustworthy company that follows the rules and regulations set by the government and non-government authorities and caters to the customers for their well-being.

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MIT45 is one of the best-known kratom vendors in the USA. MIT45 stands for Mitragynine 45%, which shows that almost all the products sold by the company contain 45% of Mitragynine in their products. MIT45 has a vast collection of products to show at reasonable prices so that most [people throughout the country can purchase kratom and enjoy its benefits. 

MIT45’s mission is to inspire peace and magnificence worldwide by creating various innovative and high-grade products while keeping the manufacturing standards exceptional. The company also stands for its employees’ and stakeholders’ safety, accountability, and honesty. The company claims that it doesn’t create only products, but changes live.

The range of products in MIT45’s collection includes liquids, gummies, capsules, and raw leaves. MIT45 is also one of the best-known kratom wholesalers in the country, where bulk kratom is sold at an unbelievable price. MIT45 also looks forward to helping people become aware of kratom, its applications, recipes, and health benefits through their blogs. MIT45 also has excellent customer service available at all times during all days of the week. 

The Products Range

As discussed earlier, MIT45 has a long list of products that are made using 100% organic kratom leaves sourced from the countries of Southeast Asia. The best-selling products on MIT45’s shelves include MIT45 Boost, MIT45 Super K, MIT45 GO, and MIT45 Gold. Let’s get to know the products in each category of the company’s website and find out the best kratom for energy.

  • Liquid kratom is one of the best ways of consuming kratom extracts. One of the primary reasons is its convenience in handling and consistency, elevating the experience to a whole new level. MIT45’s liquid kratom has varied potency levels and can be consumed as mini doses of the extract. It is highly suitable for seasoned users with a daily dosage limit and is not affected much by the sudden onset of kratom effects. 
  • All liquid kratom products undergo a triple purification process, making the kratom 100% pure and elevating the product’s taste and quality. There are five liquid kratom extract packs available on the shelves of MIT45. All six products have five ways of buying – single unit, six pack, 12 pack, 24 pack, and 36 pack. The six varieties are MIT45 Boost, MIT45 Go, MIT45 Gold, MIT45 Super K, and MIT45 Super K Extra Strong.
  • Gummies are the national favourite sweet candies of the USA. MIT45 kratom-induced gummies help customers get revitalized with the power of kratom and caffeine. Each gummy packs the power of 3mg of plant-based caffeine. The action shown by the gummies is fast acting and provides instant energy, and the sourcing is done directly from farm to bottle with no intermediaries in between. The available flavours of gummies include strawberry, Lemon-Lime, and Pineapple with Mango. The website has two types of packs: the 5-count one and the 24-count one.
  • Kratom capsules are also famous among people who wish to consume kratom on the go and aren’t much affected by the effects of kratom. The capsules produced by MIT45 are potent, act faster than powders, and the effects last longer than expected. The full-spectrum kratom capsules pack the power of natural kratom extract and the goodness of white pepper, turmeric, and ginger. Capsules are better than powders since they are easily digestible, light on the stomach, and don’t have the pungent smell and earthy taste of regular kratom powders. Four types of kratom capsules are available on the shelf of MIT45 – Black label capsules, red vein capsules, green vein capsules, and white vein capsules. MIT45 black-label capsules are only available in packs of 2 capsules and six capsules, while the three other varieties can be bought in packs of 125 capsules and 250 capsules.
  • One of the best-selling categories of products on the website of any kratom vendor is powders. MIT45 also has a range of different raw leaf powders. The products available are red, green, and white vein powders. All these powders are available in two quantities – one is 125 grams, and the other is 250 grams for the best possible market prices.

Why Shop From Them

There are multiple reasons that customers should know when purchasing kratom products from MIT45. Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • All MIT45 products are lab tested by third-party laboratories accredited to test kratom and any adulterations inside them. MIt45 doesn’t offer its customers any products which don’t pass the required lab tests because the company’s safety and quality of the products and the customers come first.
  • All MIT45 products are non-GMO and vegan friendly since there is no presence of added organisms and compounds or products derived from animals. Thus, vegetarians can also consume the products.
  • MIT45 is an AKA registered brand and follows all the GMP regulations stated by the association. It helps MIT45 produce high-grade and excellent-quality products and also helps produce positive effects on the US kratom industry.
  • All products from MIT45 come with free shipping for over $50 worth of purchases. All the orders are shipped within three to five days after their placement and processing.
  • MIT45 guarantees 100% satisfaction after consuming the products. The triple purification process employed by the company produces some of the purest extracts and products free from additives and chemicals and produces some of the best effects.
  • MIT45 has excellent online reviews. It also has many recommendations from people who have used their products and have found genuine help. There are loads of great reviews because the quality delivered by the company is unparalleled and consistent in their results.
  • MIT45 works for the betterment of the community by helping people become aware of the extract and educating them about the many utilities of kratom in medicine and science in general through its blogs.

Product Pricing

MIT45 has fixed the prices of all the products reasonably, respecting the average market prices. Let’s check what the prices of the products are.

  • In the liquids category, MIT45 Boost starts at $6.97 for a single unit and goes up to $213.28 for a pack of 36. For a single unit of MIT45 Go, customers must pay $11.97, and the prices go up to $366.28 for a pack of 36 bottles. A single bottle of MIT45 Gold costs $21.97 and goes up to $672.28 for a pack of 36. A single unit of MIT45 Super K costs $14.97, extending to $458.08 for a pack of 36 bottles. Lastly, one bottle of MIT45 Super K Extra Strong costs $26.97 and goes up to $$825.28 for a pack of 36 bottles.
  • Regarding kratom gummies, the five counts product costs $5.97, while the 24 counts pack costs $25.97.
  • Kratom capsules are available at $21.97 for two capsules and $39.97 for six capsules of MIT45 Black Label Capsules. The red, green, and white vein kratom capsules have the same price and retail at 125 capsules for $25.97 and 250 capsules for $39.97.
  • MIT45 Raw Leaf Powders are available at $25.97 for 125 grams and $39.97 for 250 grams. These are some of the lowest prices of the three vein kratom- red, green, and white, powders in the industry.

Safety And Compliance

MIT45 is renowned as one of the best kratom vendors in the US kratom industry because of the safety and compliance rules that it follows. To keep the health of its customers uncompromised, all the products undergo third-party lab tests, and reports are available for each product. As an AKA registered brand, MIT45 must follow various GMP rules and regulations, including proper labelling, packaging, and sustainable manufacturing processes. 

MIT45 also has all the product information transparently shown on the packaging and on the website, which helps customers make informed decisions. The blog, run by the company, aims at educating people about the practicalities of using or consuming kratom and the adverse effects of overconsuming the extract.

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Kratom Legality

Due to its addictive and opioid-like properties, kratom is regarded as a banned drug in most countries worldwide. These countries include Australia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Romania, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Myanmar, and many others. 

However, the extract is entirely legal in the USA on a federal level. Except for a few states like Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin, all US states have no ban on using, consuming, and possessing kratom. However, the situation inside the kratom legal states is more complicated than it looks. There are a few cities and counties where kratom is illegal inside states where kratom is legal. 

For example, San Diego is a city in the US state of California. California as a whole has no problem with kratom, but San Diego has banned the extract inside its territories. This is the same case with Denver in Colorado, Sarasota County in Florida, Jerseyville in Illinois, and Union County in Mississippi.

In the United States Of America, if you are 21+, you are legally eligible to consume kratom. However, the states of Illinois and New Hampshire laws say that anyone above the age of 18 can freely consume kratom.

Dosage And Precaution

As kratom is a herbal extract, people should know what extract dosage will fetch good results. There has to be the correct dosage to get the desired results, which is different for different people since not all body types on this Earth are the same. Besides knowing the dosage, users should also know what precautions to keep in mind to prevent adverse problems from showing up.


Details about kratom dosage are available from surveys and detailed descriptions from people who have used the extract in varying degrees. Thus, one shouldn’t blindly follow whatever dosage chart one sees online. Every user must start at half a gram or one gram and gradually increase the dosage to see at what levels the body can enjoy the desired effects. Generally, the average dosage levels and their results are shown below.

  • One to five grams of kratom is a low to moderate dosage. The results that people claim to have witnessed are an increase in energy and focus.
  • Five to fifteen grams of the extract is a high dosage. People generally get pain relief, enjoyment, and other benefits at these levels.
  • Anything above 15 grams is risky or severe levels, and no one, not even the ones who are seasoned, approaches this level or goes beyond this. At this level, the brain starts malfunctioning, and users lose the concept of space and time. It generally leads to adverse conditions in both the short and long term.


Since kratom is a herbal product and research is still ongoing on it, there are certain precautions that you, as a user, must take to stay safe. These are some of the points to consider.

  • Self-research and gaining information about the extract, different strains, and what theft do is far better than listening to words of wisdom from someone else.
  • Users should start with low dosage levels, say half a gram or one gram of the extract, when starting with kratom consumption.
  • A person should not exceed ten to 12 grams of the extract as it leads to overconsumption and makes the user susceptible to adverse conditions.
  • People who are already consuming other medicines, are minors or are pregnant should refrain from using kratom since drug-drug interactions may lead to adverse conditions.
  • Frequent use of kratom is not recommended. Many people make kratom a part of their lifestyle, which is generally not recommended.
  • In many people, kratom shows diuretic effects. Thus, drinking plenty of water after consuming kratom is essential.
  • Choosing the right vendor is also important. The guidelines have already been mentioned previously in the article.


  • Which kratom to use for energy?

Some of the best strains of kratom that consumers looking forward to increasing their energy levels must try are red Maeng da, green Malay, white Thai, white Maeng da, and white Borneo. Apart from increasing energy levels, these kratoms also produce many other benefits. However, consumers must know their dosage and which colour of kratom suits them the best.

  • How should I consume kratom for energy?

There are multiple ways in which one can consume kratom. The most common way to consume kratom is by mixing kratom powder in food items, water, coffee, tea, etc., and eating it simultaneously. However, nowadays, people try capsules and gummies induced with kratom for instant energy. Kratom tea bags are also available on the websites of many kratom vendors. Thus, users should know which way of consuming kratom is the best for them.

  • When should I use kratom to get energy?

People who use kratom generally use it in the morning with tea or coffee or in the evening with snacks. Generally, whenever a person feels low on productivity, mentally exhausted, and tired from the day’s work, people enjoy the desired dosage of kratom to relieve tiredness and enjoy the different positive effects of the extract.

  • How does kratom work to produce energy?

Kratom contains two major types of compounds, namely Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. These compounds work together as a stimulant to the brain and cause different positive effects in the body. By reducing mental fatigue, stress, pain, and inflammation, the extract will produce energy in the body and help tackle tiredness.

  • What toxins are in kratom?

Kratom may contain heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc., which can cause different element poisoning in the human body. There may also be the presence of Salmonella and different other pathogens, which may cause severe complications in the body. But all these toxins are present in the raw leaves. After the purification and proper packaging, the products are sent to the laboratories for testing. Thus, consumers should always prefer those vendors that show lab test reports.

  • What are the benefits of kratom?

Kratom is always shown to the public in a negative light by government agencies. However, the extract has more positives than negatives inside it. Small doses of kratom can help relieve stress, depression, and insomnia. Moderate dosage levels can lead to pain relief, enhancement of one’s mood, and increased energy and focus. It may also help relieve opioid withdrawal symptoms. However, with the advancement in research, other details regarding the extract will also come into the limelight.

  • What is the FDA warning on kratom?

The FDA constantly develops new notices and regulations to curb kratom consumption. The government agency warns the general public of the potential addiction and abuse that can be caused due to overuse of the product, the adverse side effects that can be caused if not used according to the required dosage, issues of contamination and quality if not bought from the right vendors and a lack of required scientific study on the plant and the extract.

  • Is kratom banned in Southeast Asia?

Although Southeast Asia is the original homeland of kratom, there are a few countries in the region that have banned the use of kratom. The extract is illegal in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In recent times, Malaysia has also banned the use of kratom.

Whether or not kratom is safe for use is debatable since both people support using the extract, and people disregard it as a drug that can give medical help. However, no vendor guarantees that medical disorders will vanish upon using kratom. Regardless, kratom is safer than most drugs and opioids on Earth.

Final Words

Finally, we have discussed the vendors in a detailed fashion, which helped you know which vendor you should go for. However, it would help if you also researched to select the best brand of kratom and the best strain of kratom that delivers excellent energy. It would help if you remembered the strain’s precautions and dosage. Always consume kratom responsibly.

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