4 Health & Fitness Myths That Are Holding Us Back

4 Health & Fitness Myths That Are Holding Us Back

Are you working towards achieving your summer bod? Surviving on grilled chicken & salads? Working out 100 hrs a week? But does doing all this make you feel happy & energised or does it make your body stronger?

Since the beginning of time, exercise has always been associated with weight loss or building six-pack abs & huge muscles, but in reality, it is about having a healthy, flexible body that functions at its best.

Now, we all know that their many fitness fads like diet pills, detoxing, juice cleanses have been ruled out of the fitness & health community slowly but steadily. Yet, there are many myths that still exist in 2021 and are holding us back in our fitness journey. It is time to get rid of these myths, here are a few that are on top of our hit list:

1. Cardio Is The Way To Go

While cardio is a great way to build up stamina and get warm-up in, it is not the only way to lose weight. Weight training, yoga, pilates are all equally beneficial when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. So, if you hate cardio, stop doing it or just do it as a warm-up and find a workout that you actually enjoy. 


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2. 1200 Calories & No More

A calorie deficit is a fitness method that has proven helpful when it comes to losing fat but that doesn’t mean that all you need to eat is 1200 calories. Many nutritionists and fitness experts have recently spoken up about this trend to eat just 1200 calories. 


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They are making sure that people know that it is not enough to sustain a grown adult body on that little food. If you want to be in a calorie deficit, use a proper calculator or contact an expert to get the right number and direction on how to achieve it.

3. Say Goodbye To Carbs

Carbs are bad, they are the devil’s food, even looking at a plate of rice will make you gain weight. Have all these thoughts passed your brain? Well, they need to stop!


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Not all carbs are bad. There are multiple ways to incorporate rice, butter, cheese & every other carb into your diet without gaining weight. There are many snacks that can easily replace your favourite fried potato chips without losing out on flavour. So, if you love carbs, just be smart about it! 

4. Weighing Scale Is All That Matters

When you are on a fitness journey, the one thing that we all tend to get obsessed with is the number on the scale. While it is important to know where your weight stands, it is not the metric that defines your fitness. 

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When we work out we lose fat, gain muscle, our bodies become stronger and more flexible. The true testament to your fitness is how far your body has come since you started. How many more push-ups can you do, how flexible are you during yoga poses or how much weight are you now squatting. It’s time to stop staring at the scale & start focusing on your fitness growth.

To Wrap It Up

Let’s stop focusing on all the way that we are holding ourselves back when it comes to fitness and health. Even during this lockdown, we can keep pursuing our goals, just need to modify the methods. Stop believing these myths and find your own fitness journey!

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