A Bodybuilder Tried Conor McGregor’s Six-Meal Diet for a Day

A Bodybuilder Tried Conor McGregor’s Six-Meal Diet for a Day

Bodybuilder and YouTuber Aseel Soueid loves to test out the diets of elite athletes. He’s previously attempted eating ‘a day in the life’ of athletes like Michael Jordan, Navy SEAL David Goggins, Tom Brady, and John Cena. And in his latest YouTube video, he’s taking on the diet of UFC champ Conor McGregor, inspired by the upcoming ‘trilogy’ fight between McGregor and Dustin Poirier. (Soueid also previously did McGregor’s ‘notorious’ workout that absolutely wrecked him.)

According to Soueid, the diet plan he is going to emulate consists of 2,389 calories from 6 clean meals. To start, he gets into the kitchen for Meal #1, which includes: 2 slices of gluten free bread, 1 avocado, sautéed peppers and onions, and 2 sunny side eggs for a total of 600 calories.

“Wow, that is orgasmic,” he says. Next, he’s on to Meal #2, which is a protein shake, which he says looks like a “cookies and cream milkshake”. It consists of: MyProtein Impact Whey (in Marshmallow Cereal flavor), one banana, 2 pieces of 90% Lindt cacao chocolate, unsweetened vanilla almond milk and ice, for a total of 435 calories.

“That’s gravy…you can really taste that chocolate,” says Soueid. “That is top 5 protein smoothies I’ve ever had.”

After an hour nap, Soueid hits the gym to do a 30-minute McGregor Fast workout. The McGregor Fast workout includes rowing, battle rope work, assault bike cardio, and treadmill sprints. “That is no joke, man,” says Soueid. “Training like an athlete is completely different than training like a bodybuilder.”

For his post-workout Meal #3, he whips up: 8 oz. skinless chicken breast, asparagus, and 1 cup of white rice, totaling 581 calories. “I genuinely mean it, this is one of my favorite meals for post-workout,” he says. Meal #4 is another protein shake, which he makes using MyProtein Impact Whey (in Marshmallow Cereal flavor), unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 2 tablespoons of almond butter, for a total of 320 calories.

Finally, Soueid hits the gym for a second workout—weight training program that includes dumbbell incline bench presses, dumbbell spider curls, dumbbell overhead extensions, and flat dumbbell flys. After the workout, he eats Meal #5, an Irish lamb stew, which includes: lamb, potatoes, carrots, onions, and more. “That is thick…no wonder Conor McGregor eats this,” says Soueid.

At long last, he tries meal number 6, which is nothing but a scoop of protein powder and a cup of tea. Soueid combines them (which McGregor doesn’t do, he notes…) and is completely disgusted. But overall, Soueid totals the macros, which come out to a relatively reasonable 2,389 calories, 293g carbs, 72g fat, and 195g protein.

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