Adams County high school seniors recognized for self-improvement | Education

Adams County high school seniors recognized for self-improvement | Education

The Adams County Economic Education Foundation honored senior students who demonstrated significant improvement over the course of their high school careers with the Dwight D. Eisenhower Senior Self Improvement Award.

The award, given to up to five students from each of Adams County’s six school districts, recognizes students who improved their grades, attitudes, attendance, behavior and service to others while in high school.

“We’re pleased to honor these high school seniors, each of whom have overcome adversity to become good students and make the best of their education,” said Adams County Economic Education Foundation Executive Director Carrie Stuart. “These award winners are our future workforce, and any local business would be fortunate to employ them because of their strong work ethic, determination and growth.”

Top performers from each school district are Brianna Kittinger, Bermudian Springs High School; Jordan Dunlap, Biglerville High School; Rebecca Baker, Fairfield Area High School; Kaylee Johnson, Gettysburg Area High School; Haley Limmer, Littlestown High School; Bailey Biggerstaff, New Oxford High School.

Jasmyn Brown, New Oxford High School, was awarded the Resiliency Award, which recognizes a student who, despite significant obstacles, maintains an outstanding academic record.

Other honorees from each school district are:

  • Bermudian Springs High School – Tyler Pifer, Haley Sullivan and Emily Volheim
  • Biglerville High School – Gewell Richards, Juan Pulido-Reyes, Montell Green and Perla Munoz
  • Fairfield High School – Haley Hebenton
  • Gettysburg Area High School – Ethan Auer and Dylon Bratt
  • Littlestown High School – Serenity Bennett, Jessica Evans, Emily Kern and Jesse Hawk
  • New Oxford High School – Tessa Myers, James Serviss and Anthony Withrow

Five students from each school district are eligible for the award. The selection committee considers a completed application, past and present report cards, attendance and discipline records, two letters of recommendation, and a written statement by the student. The top performer from each district is awarded $500. The students may spend the money as they wish.

The nonprofit Adams County Economic Education Foundation bridges the gap between the business and education communities to prepare students for higher education and the workforce. More than 30,000 students in Adams County have benefited since 1991.