Advantages of bearing your father’s surname

Advantages of bearing your father’s surname

There are several advantages to bearing your father’s surname. One of the most important is that it establishes a legal connection between you and your father. A legal paternity test by can confirm the biological relationship and provide legal proof of paternity. Another advantage is that it can provide a sense of identity and belonging. Having the same surname as your father can give you a sense of being part of the same family and having a shared history. Additionally, it can make it easier for you to trace your family history and genealogy. A DNA paternity test can also provide valuable information about your health, as certain genetic conditions and diseases can be passed down through the father’s side of the family. Having your father’s surname can also open doors to citizenship from other countries if your father is a citizen.

Put emotions aside

When it comes to family dynamics, it can be difficult to put emotions aside, especially when you have a last name but your father does not live with you or recognize you as family. Perhaps your father has passed away and your half-siblings do not acknowledge your relationship. It can be painful to be left out and not recognized as family. However, it’s important to remember that your last name is still an important part of your identity and can open up opportunities for you. You can use your last name to research your family history, discover your heritage, and learn about your ancestors. It can also be a way to connect with people who share your last name and potentially find distant relatives. Additionally, your last name can open up professional opportunities, such as networking or being recognized for your achievements in your field.

Take advantage of opportunities

No one decides in which family they want to be born. Some are born into poor families, while others are born into wealthy families. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding you, you have to take advantage of the opportunities your family name gives you. For example, your father may have left a million-dollar inheritance that you had no idea about, and because you bear his name, you are entitled to a share. You may also be able to get into college more easily because of your father’s last name. Even if your father’s name does not come with opportunities, or you never knew your father, you have to prepare yourself professionally and mentally to take the opportunities that only come your way once in life.