Aja Naomi King Shares Best Self-Care Tips | News

Aja Naomi King Shares Best Self-Care Tips | News

Aja Naomi King is not gatekeeping her skincare and beauty secrets.

The “How to Get Away with Murder” alum recently caught up with Pop Culture and revealed how she keeps her melanin radiant and popping. For the mom of one, her secret is simple and budget-friendly.

“It’s like three key things: sleep, water, and great skincare products,” she explained.

“And for me, my biggest ones have just been the Revitalift hyaluronic acid serum. What that has done for my skin, oh my God, it has been so impactful just in terms of giving my skin that extra love. Really, I want to say love. It’s moisture and hydration, but really it’s love, to just… Because everything in our environment and everything going on, it’s like we also have this great vitamin C, the revital of vitamin C as well as the sunscreen. It’s been so impactful to my skin.”

King has been a L’Oreal brand ambassador since 2017 and has continued championing melanated complexions during her journey with the skincare line.

Last month, she attended the brand’s Women of Worth Celebration in Los Angeles. King invited PEOPLE to spend the day with her as she got glammed from head to toe for the event.

While getting her makeup slayed, she said “The most important thing is skin. As long as I have all my skincare products on — including L’Oréal Paris’ Revitalift serum to make sure my skin is looking supple and perfect — then everywhere we go from there is going to be perfection.”

That evening, the actor rocked a red sheer gown with lace details that she dubbed “gorgeous.”

“I love working with my styling team [Wayman Bannerman and Micah McDonald], they just have impeccable taste. They know I don’t like trying on a lot of things, so they pull spectacular options, and we go from there. I am really excited about this dress this evening and I don’t think I’ve worn anything like this either.”