Bella Lei owner buys Real Health & Fitness | Ozaukee Co. Business News

Bella Lei owner buys Real Health & Fitness | Ozaukee Co. Business News

CEDARBURG — Real Health & Fitness in Cedarburg has new owners and has a new connection to another business in the downtown.

Eric Stelter, owner of Bella Lei Salon Spa in Cedarburg and Port Washington, and his fiancée, Elva Romo, took the reins from Bob “Coach Bob” Hahn on Aug. 1.

Real Fitness will become the brother company to Bella Lei Salon Spa, with a complete beauty and fitness offering for self care, said Stelter.

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This isn’t quite a new undertaking for Stelter; he has been involved with Real Health & Fitness since its inception. He has assisted with technology systems and marketing for the gym, which Stelter said helps make this transition relatively seamless.

“We are nervous because Coach Bob (and his staff) have built a wonderful business and he is beloved by a majority of the members,” Stelter added. “We will never be able to replace him, but hope that he keeps a presence at Real Fitness for many years to come.”

Hahn will be assisting Stelter and Romo in the transition over the next 90 days.

“Personally, I am excited to know that Real Fitness will go on providing fitness and health opportunities for the surrounding communities and knowing Mr. Stelter’s ambitions and productive work habits coupled with his current footprint in the community I am proud and feeling great about this business transaction,” Hahn said.

Hahn said he will continue to help the local community and organizations.

Fitness for both Stelter and Romo has been instrumental in every aspect of their lives. The couple even met while practicing yoga at another local gym. Romo is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches power and vinyasa yoga.

“Finding this opportunity at Real Health & Fitness has become an extension of this love of utilizing nutrition and fitness to find life balance and wellness,” Stelter said.

Stelter added, “Our decision to be involved in Real Health & Fitness was based on the desire to develop a space that fits energetically and esthetically with what our friends and peers crave. This won’t happen overnight, but the challenge is invigorating.”

For Stelter, he sees many commonalities between Real Health & Fitness and Bella Lei Salon Spa. For example, many of Bella Lei’s guests are also members of the gym.

“The blend of the two businesses will allow us to provide a complete approach to whole body health, mind and fitness,” Stelter said. “In addition to members receiving discount opportunities between the businesses, you will likely see your favorite beauty staff member working out in class next to you.” Stelter said Real Health & Fitness will focus on a social centric approach to fitness, where certified instructors will engage members with a diverse selection of classes, small group and one-on-one options, and guide members into encouraging their peers to “work out together.”

The focus for Stelter and Romo for the next five years will be creating a space for like minded individuals that are more focused on the quality of their fitness results, rather than the vanity of fitness.

“Body positivity, nutritional guidance, age appropriate paths towards wellness and an overall social engagement that allows our members to encourage each other towards a healthier lifestyle,” Stelter said.

In addition to owning Bella Lei and Real Health & Fitness, Stelter also runs the technology company, which provides disaster recovery services and cold server storage.

He also works as a business and technology advisor for ETS Advisory Services, an Ozaukee County supervisor, a Southeastern Regional Planning Commission member and serves locally on the Cedarburg Community Development Authority.

“While this may sound a bit overwhelming, I couldn’t do any of it without Elva (and our amazing children) and a lot of incredibly talented staff members that make my life fun and exciting,” Stelter said.

Stelter said they are working on adding new equipment, interviewing additional trainers and evaluating a possible indoor/outdoor space.

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