Brandywine Hospital Announces Acquisition by Penn Medicine

Brandywine Hospital Announces Acquisition by Penn Medicine

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After 18 months with closed doors under Tower Health, Brandywine Hospital looks to reopen with a new owner in Penn Medicine.

It’s been a red brick eyesore for 18 months since January 2021, but now, finally, plans are in place to bring Brandywine Hospital back from the dead.

Run by Tower Health, Brandywine Hospital closed its doors nearly two years ago, costing the Coatesville community 800 jobs and the loss of a dedicated medical center. At the time, a deal was in place to sell that building, along with nearby Jennersville Hospital in West Grove, to Canyon Atlantic Partners, based in Austin, Texas.

By March of that year though, the deal had fallen through, and both Coatesville and West Grove were left with the husks of formerly bustling hospitals.

Perhaps that failure proved to be a blessing though, after a saga in which Canyon Atlantic had been criticized for lacking “regulatory and operations preparedness” and also “financial ability to complete the transaction and operate the hospitals.”

As of late-June 2023, Tower Health has, in principle, agreed to a deal that will see Brandywine Hospital acquired by Penn Medicine.

Brandywine Hospital Announces Acquisition by Penn Medicine

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With an already established presence in the area, Penn Medicine is an organization in which communities like Coatesville can rest their confidence. Operating in the region for decades without any major hiccups, Brandywine Hospital is now in strong hands. Notably, Penn Medicine was one of very few health systems in the region to open the first half of the 2023 fiscal year with an operating profit.

Though there are no plans for the deal to close until the end of 2023, locals can be much more confident about this proposal than the Canyon Atlantic deal some years ago.