Celebrating 50 Years of Service to the Community

Celebrating 50 Years of Service to the Community

New Haven, CT (WTNH) – StayWell Health Center is celebrating 50 years of serving the community, which is certainly a big feat. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by CEO Don Thompson and Chief Development Officer Christine Bianchi, to discuss the many services that StayWell Health Center offers, and how you can help them celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

Don Thompson spoke about what this big milestone means to him. He said, “Well, for me, it means a lot, because being born and raised in Waterbury, I kind of know what StayWell was. I went there in 1985 and at that point it was just a clinic just doing part time dental and some pediatrics.”

 “Now, we’ve grown up to 110,000 patients visits a year.  Wow. We’re at seven locations. We do medical, dental, behavioral health and substance abuse. And so, I’m proud for Waterbury and I’m proud for StayWell Health and for my staff.”

Watch this interview as our guests answer the following questions:

  • What are the services that you offer today?
  • Where and how did it all get started?
  • What is the history of your expansion?
  • Why is your organization so important to
    the Greater Waterbury Community?
  • How and why have things changed?

Christine told our viewers about their upcoming 50th Anniversary Event, that everyone should know about. She said, “Yes, we are so excited. On September 16th, we’re having a summer’s event, it’s outdoors and they can find information on our website. We celebrate our Health Care Champions that we are acknowledging. It’s an upscale barbecue and we’ll have a lot of fun and are really looking forward to celebrating.”

For more information about StayWell Health visit www.staywellhealth.org  or to purchase tickets click here.  Questions? Call J.Brown at 203-756-8021