Commit yourself to health & fitness with Bodsphere

Commit yourself to health & fitness with Bodsphere

“As you begin to heal the inner you, you alter your immune system too.”

Your immunity is the best defense of your body against any disease. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, it has become more important than ever to incorporate better lifestyle habits that help you stay healthy and boost your immune system, which will, in turn, fight against infection and disease. Since there is no instant way to improve immunity overnight, constant practice of healthy habits and a balanced diet will improve the immune function of your body. Today, there are tons of ways to work on your immunity- Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and a lot more.

Bodsphere, which is one of the leading Virtual Health and Wellness Platforms in the country, has been offering its clients plenty of ways to build a better immune system during this pandemic. Bodsphere has free Yoga Tutorials on YouTube, Instagram & Facebook, which makes it the World’s First Virtual Health and Wellness Platform that has over 600+ Free Tutorials on social sites.

Samarthya & Preetika Bhatnagar, the Founders of Bodsphere, provide Yoga Teacher Training Programs through both online and their own Mobile Application. They have trained clients belonging to over 30+ nationalities in Yoga, Meditation& Pranayama. As it’s a virtual platform, anyone from anywhere around the world can connect and train themselves under their Certified Yoga Trainers.

There are specific Yoga Postures and regular Meditation practices that can help support, balance, and boost the immune system. It can also help fight oxidative stress which poses a risk to healthy cells. If done regularly, Yoga reduces stress systemically in the body, which in turn, cuts down inflammation, leading to a cleaner inner system. Some simple lifestyle changes can boost our immune system and improve our overall wellbeing. A few of those are:

Say No to Smoking: COVID-19 is a novel respiratory disease that can damage the lining of the air sacs in the lungs. Looking around we can see that in severe cases, Patients may even need ventilator support. And those with lung diseases, are more vulnerable. Let this pandemic be the reason for you to quit smoking.

Get Enough Sleep: A person on an average should aim for six to eight hours of sleep per night. A proper sleeping schedule will make sure that you begin your day with complete freshness and full energy.

Reduce Stress Hormone: When we are stressed, we tend to make wrong decisions, like eating unhealthy foods, which can have a direct effect on our overall health. Yoga &Meditation will reduce the Stress Hormone – Cortisol, and will thus, relax and calm the mind, helping you take sensible life decisions.

Exercise Regularly: Exercising has been linked to a more effective immune system. It also reduces stress and relieves depression. Include exercising and Yoga in your daily routine.

Eat Plant-Based Diet: Taking a balanced diet that includes fruits & vegetables, and healthy fats is another way one can improve their immune system. If we take wholesome food and a plant-based diet, then our body gets the required number of vitamins and nutrients.

Integrating healthy habits that encompass the whole body- exercising, practicing Yoga and Meditation, having a balanced diet, can boost our immune system considerably. Bodsphere’s Virtual Health and Wellness Platform focuses on flexibility, strength, stamina, endurance, balance along with mindfulness. It is indeed uniting the entire world and helping people boost their immunity through Yoga.

“Treat yourself right and you will maximize what you’ve got”.

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.