commUNITY spotlight: WNY mom, nurse creates unique skin care products

commUNITY spotlight: WNY mom, nurse creates unique skin care products

Meet the woman behind Skincare Essentials by Jill. You may have seen the vending machine in the Walden Galleria.

CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. — The COVID pandemic has reminded all of us that we must take care of our skin. Jill Miller, a mom and nurse, realized something was needed when her young daughter developed eczema.

She created Skincare Essentials by Jill. It’s a skin care business that helps with acne and dry skin and dark spots, menstrual scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

She started the business two years ago.

“The inspiration of my daughter, six weeks of age, she developed eczema, and I was just wanting to help her and not put steroids based cream on her skin and wanted to help her in a more natural way,” Miller said.

All of the items are handmade. She is looking to hire staff.

Her products can be found online and in a skin care vending machine inside the Walden Galleria.

“No one had their own natural-based products inside a vending machine,” she said.

“I wanted my vending machine to be different. I didn’t want it to look like a Pepsi and soda, snack machine because it wasn’t. I wanted it to look like a state of the art machine,” Miller said.

She added: “There’s soap in here. There’s a whipped soap where you’re washing your body with just your hands. There’s body scrubs, my constant number one seller, and from the turmeric items, turmeric is great with acne and inflammation of the skin, and now with the daily use of our masks, so I have a face scrub, a turmeric face scrub, and the turmeric honey bar. So there’s other soap bars: goat’s milk soap and oatmeal soap.”

“This is something I never even imagined. It’s true, sometimes things just fall in your lap, but I’m very pleased, just because I love helping people. I love people to feel good. I believe everyone should feel good in their skin.”