Does your mind wander during meditation? Yoga expert shares 5 tips to prevent it | Health

Does your mind wander during meditation? Yoga expert shares 5 tips to prevent it | Health

Mind wandering during meditation is very common where an unintentional and unrelated spontaneous shift of attention occurs and the mind tends to regale in varied thoughts which can disrupt the primary task of developing a healthy relaxed and stable mind set. If you keep bringing your attention back to meditation every time your mind wanders, fret not as we got you sorted with 5 health tips by a Yoga expert to tackle mind wandering and achieve this evolution of consciousness where we are more alert, self aware, sensitive and relaxed.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Yoga Master and Spiritual Guru – Grand Master Akshar – shared, “The purpose of meditation is to evolve our consciousness as humans living on this planet. In order to achieve this evolution of consciousness we need to build ourselves to become more alert, self aware and sensitive to the environment around us. For the purpose of meditation we need to find a spot that is calm and quiet. Similarly even as a practitioner we need to develop a very relaxed and stable mind set.”

He listed 5 helpful tips to prevent the mind from wandering during meditation:

1. Finding a suitable environment

In order to attain success in meditation we need to create that perfect environment suitable for meditating uninterrupted and undisturbed. Even athletes who are looking to improve the sport that they play need the infrastructure and all the facilities to make it happen. They will not be able to train themselves in the best possible way if the ground is uneven or textured in a way that can hamper performance. The countries that provide their athletes with ample space, training facilities and other requirements will win the most awards while on the other hand, poorer countries with an economy that is struggling may not be able to extend the same amount of facilities to the athlete. In this way, they will be marring their opportunities to scale up in the sport of their choice. This is why it is very important to create a suitable environment that is conducive to meditation.

2. Alignment of thoughts with intention and action

Once we have the proper facilities in place that allow us to comfortably meditate in solitude, the next thing that we must look at is our own selves. Are your thoughts in alignment with the action that you desire to perform? This is something that you must examine before sitting down for meditation. For example, if you sit down for meditation but instead you start experiencing distraction because of the desire to go out and eat something or to be at a party then your efforts will be in vain.

3. Include travel into your life

If you remain rooted in one spot and do not travel, your life will lack the exposure that it needs. If you want to fully thrive you must be someone who has experienced multiple cultures and interacted with a diverse cross section of people. Without an extensive experience of life through your travels, you may be prone to becoming limited in thoughts and narrow in belief, unable to expand the mind.

4. Control your wandering mind

To be able to bring focus and discipline into your meditation practice you must be able to shutdown the mind as the mind can be a best friend or it can be turned into the greatest enemy we could have. The mind influences us in a very powerful way, affecting the manner in which we lead this life hence, it is important for us to bring the mind under control.

5. Practicing Yoga and mindfulness

In order to do this you must train the mind through various methods like mind mapping, mind control, neurons training and neuroplasticity etc. Practicing Yoga is a sure fire way of bringing your thoughts under your control.