Dr. Barbara Sturm On Aging: Skin Care Hacks, Nutrition Tips & More

Dr. Barbara Sturm On Aging: Skin Care Hacks, Nutrition Tips & More

“There is a holistic approach to reducing inflammation and achieving wellness, which includes adopting a simple, anti-inflammatory lifestyle. The first step is to avoid inflammatory ingredients in skin care. Fragrance, mineral oils, retinol, Retin-A, and glycolic acid can all cause inflammation, which leads to the biggest problems for our skin, including hyperpigmentation, aging, breakouts, and acne.

“Next, prioritize movement—exercise is one of the most important anti-aging devices of all. I love sports, and on holiday you will always find me in the ocean with my 8-year-old doing water sports and swimming. I also love to play tennis, go hiking, and follow Pilates classes online—it’s a great and relaxing way to keep fit and flexible. 

“I’m also passionate about following a [balanced] diet, and I avoid substances such as alcohol, sugar, excessive salt, and processed or fried foods. However, our bodies do not always get everything we need for healthy, glowing skin from our diet and lifestyle, which is why I created my supplements, STURM INSIDE, to address any [gaps].*

“If I’m by the beach or in the woods, I’ll also try and spend time grounding or earthing by walking barefoot. Having direct contact with the earth evens out the positive charge that builds up in the human body, which has amazing antioxidant effects and can help reduce inflammation, improve sleep quality, and enhance your mood and well-being. 

“It’s also essential to get a good night’s sleep (I’m in bed by 9 p.m. most evenings) and reduce stress through techniques such as meditation. I have always been inspired by Deepak Chopra, M.D., and often listen to his meditations for 10 to 20 minutes to help me unwind or when I’m in need of re-centering.”