Expert tips to revive dry skin during the winter and glow all season long

Expert tips to revive dry skin during the winter and glow all season long

Winter’s arrival brings with it cold winds and diminished humidity along with dry and dehydrated skin. 

The key to an effective skin care routine lies in recognizing and addressing these seasonal challenges. 

Skin care isn’t merely a luxury; it’s a necessity. The intricacies of winter demand adjustments to ensure your skin receives the proper nourishment and protection it requires during this seasonal shift.


Fox News Digital asked experts about the crucial need for adapting your skin care regimen to survive the colder months. Discover the secrets to maintaining a glowing complexion throughout the frosty season.

  1. Gentle cleansing
  2. Exfoliation
  3. Serums and treatment
  4. Hydration
  5. Suncreen
  6. Targeting lips and hands

1. Gentle cleansing

Winter’s harsh weather takes a toll on the skin, stripping away its natural oils and leaving it susceptible to dryness. 

Skin care specialist McKenzie Collins, brand manager and senior assistant for M61 Skincare, advises that when choosing a cleanser for the winter months, opt for a gentle formula that cleanses without intensifying dryness. 

“Consider incorporating cream-based cleansers or the soothing properties of micellar water into your routine,” she says. 

These choices prioritize maintaining your skin’s delicate natural balance, ensuring a nurturing touch tailored to the demands of your skin during the challenging winter climate.

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2. Exfoliation 

Incorporating a mild exfoliant into your skin care routine becomes a key practice during colder months. 

This effective step in your skin care routine works to eliminate dead skin cells, paving the way for better penetration of subsequent skin care products. 

In the winter’s challenging conditions, this step in your skin care routine acts as a safeguard, preserving your skin’s glow despite the seasonal harshness.

3. Serums and treatment

Enhance your skin care routine by incorporating targeted treatments designed to address specific skin concerns. Collins emphasizes the importance of the infusion of serums containing antioxidants, vitamin C or retinol. 


“Serums and also face oils help to take extra care of your skin in the winter. Due to the change of climate from fall to winter, your skin will react in different ways. You may experience certain skin reactions like breakouts, redness and/or overall dullness,” says Collins. 

4. Hydration

The cornerstone of any winter skin care routine is hydration. Dermatologist Dr. Michelle Henry, based in New York City, emphasizes investing in a high-quality, hydrating moisturizer. 

“When choosing the appropriate moisturizer, it is really important to look for ingredients that are hydrating and will lock in that moisture. You want something that’s going to help stabilize and fortify the skin barrier so that the skin can adequately hold moisture and resist trans epidermal water loss, which can devastate the skin during the winter months,” she says. 

Henry noted that the ingredients she loves are ceramides and says they are critical. 

“I’m a huge fan of the new Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Barrier Balm. This balm is great because it has all those ingredients that I’m looking for, particularly the squalene, ceramides and glacial glycoproteins. These glycoproteins are found in sea glaciers, so they are able to resist the cold and maintain their hydration.”

5. Suncreen

Emphasizing a non-negotiable aspect, even in winter, sunscreen plays a pivotal role in skin care. 

Henry says that this is a prevalent misconception in skin care and advises the use of sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for adequate UVA/UVB ray protection. 

“You want something that’s lightweight and absorbable,” she said.

Henry suggests Kiehl’s Better Screen UV Serum SPF 50+. 

“This SPF is very lightweight, looks good on all skin types and is easy to layer if you’re using other products or makeup. It has collagen peptides that can stimulate some of your own collagen, improve the texture of the skin and reduce the appearance of pores.”


Dedication to sun protection extends beyond seasons, safeguarding your skin from potential damage and adhering to a year-round skin care approach. 

“If there is light, there is UV, and if there is UV, our skin can undergo damage. This damage can lead to sunspots, accelerated aging and skin cancer. Sunscreen truly is the most crucial aspect of your skin care routine, even during winter months,” Henry said. 

6. Targeting lips and hands

Winter often leads to dry, chapped lips and hands, and finding great targeted treatments and integrating them into your everyday routine is the best way to address these concerns. 

“You want to make these steps a habit so that you are not dealing with intensely dry and cracked lips or extra dry cuticles around your nails. Find a great hand cream and quality lip balm you like and put one on your desk at work or home and apply it throughout the day,” Collins said. 

This approach addresses the immediate concerns of winter-induced dryness and ensures your lips and hands receive the care they deserve throughout the colder months.


By prioritizing hydration, incorporating targeted treatments and following expert advice, you can navigate the winter season with a glowing and resilient complexion. 

Embrace the cold confidently, knowing that your skin care routine is tailored to shield and nourish your skin.

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