FivebalanceUSA is using blockchain to fight depression and

FivebalanceUSA is using blockchain to fight depression and

NEW YORK, June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As the first and only company publicly known to date to use blockchain technology to fight depression and anxiety, FivebalanceUSA has accomplished a couple of milestones to help bring awareness to the company and its mission to take on mental health issues.

FiveBalanceUSA is a unique startup that has developed a free self-improvement application available from Google Play. The app intends to serve people dealing with depression by rewarding them with the FBN cryptocurrency upon achieving their personal customized goals in 5F categories – Fit, Financial, Family, Flair, and Faith.

The FiveBalance app incentivises users with FBN cryptocurrency to meet their life goals

Depression and mental health problems are no longer trivial issues and are very prevalent in people of all ages worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, depression is a leading cause of disability and has life-altering effects. Severe depression can result in suicide, a leading cause of death in teenagers and people in their twenties.

Depression is caused by a complicated interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors. Still, the condition is manageable by personal efforts, proper guidance, and using prevention techniques. These methods can lead to self-improvement, and everyone dealing with this situation can live a dignified life.

FivebalanceUSA’s mission is to support all these people who desire to have a prosperous and productive life. Fivebalance is believed to be the first cryptocurrency project to address these real world problems.

Meeting its milestone goals

In terms of its goals for 2021, the company is off to a good start this year, having recently acquired a legal opinion that concludes the FBN cryptocurrency is not considered a security. Fivebalance has also implemented the Rosetta API into its code to become compliant and to meet the listing requirements of its pending application with Coinbase exchange. All Q1 roadmap goals have been met and the Company is now working on its Q2 priorities.

Hip Hop and Cryptocurrency

FivebalanceUSA has partnered with Ed (Self) Hinson a 18 times multi platinum artist to launch FivebalanceTV. Self as he is known in the industry has worked with major artists from the late great DMX, Nas, LL Cool J and many more. More about Self and his past and current accomplishments can be found here.

In addition to the collaboration with Self, FivebalanceUSA has also brought to the marketing team to help with awareness and production of FivebalanceTV, Lesean (Sity The Genie) Mellers. Sity as he is known in the industry is a rapper/songwriter and music producer based out of Stamford CT. His roots in the music industry are deep starting with his parents who toured with the late great Bob Marley and continuing with other family members. More information about Sity and to see his past and present accomplishments can be found here. 

FivebalanceUSA intends to use Hip Hop as a means of opening a conversation on how to deal with depression and anxiety. Music has always been a global form of expression, and a bridge to breaking down boundaries, and they believe this will be a great medium to start a conversation that many find very difficult to initiate. FivebalanceTV will be launched soon and will be a 24 hour streaming of crypto currency/mental health programming featuring artists, music, and much much more.

FivebalanceUSA is actively seeking investors and advisors to help them in their quest to stamp out depression and anxiety, and to give individuals around the world a better quality of life.

For details about the project, the leadership, the company’s whitepaper, and upcoming updates, please visit the provided link: or contact Fivebalance on its Social Media feeds.

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