Frank Grillo Shared a Hair Styling Tutorial After His Boxing Workout

Frank Grillo Shared a Hair Styling Tutorial After His Boxing Workout

Few men are more qualified than Frank Grillo to speak about longevity as an actor in Hollywood.

At 55, Grillo still trains hard to keep his body in impeccable shape, and looks at least a decade younger than his age. Any man over 40 would do well to take his advice. Earlier this year, Grillo shared part of his ‘Boss Level’ training routine with Men’s Health, which includes everything from shadowboxing to barbell shrugs, explosive pushups, and plank work for his abs.

It’s that kind of dedication that keeps Grillo hustling outside of the gym, too: In 2021 alone, the actor already has more than nine movies and TV shows already underway, and two more projects in production. Workouts alone, however, won’t keep Grillo camera-ready. In a recent Instagram video, he shared some surprisingly helpful grooming advice that reveals how he keeps his famously tousled hair looking on-point, too.

In the clip, Grillo can be seen taking a break from­—what else?—a workout at Santa Monica’s Churchill Boxing Club to share one of his go-to grooming secrets. “You wanna do a medium-hold paste, right? Little bit, like a dime, you don’t wanna get precious with it,” he says, holding a tub of styling cream up to the camera. Then he runs his fingers through his hair, starting from the back. “You want to go up, back, over, and that’s it,” he says.

Grillo’s technique actually tracks with advice from leading style and grooming experts. As master stylist Martial Vivot advised Men’s Health, you always want to apply product from back to front, rubbing it in vigorously the whole way through. “Don’t start in the front or the product might collect in the most visible part of your hair, which will look uneven and can even make your hair look thinner than it really is,” he said. Vivot also suggests applying product at the root of the hair, not just the tip, to better control how it lays.

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In a caption to the post, Grillo added that the specific product he’s using is Paste by TheMensGroomer, but nearly any medium-hold product will do.

Grillo was joined in the clip by director, author, and chef Eddie Huang, who took the opportunity to provide some comic relief. “What I like to do with this is, if I don’t properly shave and groom…. You never know who’s coming over, and if you didn’t shave…,” he says, trailing off as he shoves a dollop of the styling cream down the front of his pants. (While we don’t necessarily endorse Huang’s technique, we give him points for creativity.)

In the comments, Grillo’s celebrity friends were quick to react, including Dwayne Johnson, whom Grillo previously baited into promoting his Hulu movie ‘Boss Mode’ by dancing shirtless while promoting Johnson’s tequila. “I need this in my life ASAP, brother 😂,” Johnson wrote. “Never thought I’d see you do a hair tutorial,” wrote actress Marisol Nichols.

Hey, you can’t fault the man for flaunting one of his best assets, especially at 55. As actor Kevin Dillon put it in the comments, “Best hair in Hollywood!”

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