Hair just won’t grow? Fans swear by this collagen hair supplement

Hair just won’t grow? Fans swear by this collagen hair supplement

Millie O’Connor

With glossy, voluminous locks back on the catwalk and summer holiday plans not too far away, you may be considering how to boost your hair growth ahead of the warmer months.

Hair thinning or hair loss is a tricky problem to navigate and can have you wondering what you are doing wrong. Many of these symptoms could be signs of hair ageing, a common problem which can easily be remedied with the right treatment. Whether you’re experiencing more stress at work, general seasonal damage post-winter or just looking to give your hair a bit of extra love, we have the tried and tested solution for you. 

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First, some insight into what happens during the hair cycle. During the natural 3-5 year growth cycle, our hair undergoes three phases: the growing phase ‘anagen’, the regressing phase ‘catagen’, and the resting phase ‘telogen’. Research has shown that tackling hair during the anagen growth cycle is key to getting stronger and healthier hair that’s more inclined to keep on growing. So, targeting hair during its anagen growth cycle can give tired locks a welcome boost ahead of summer. 

Enter Gold Collagen, the number one liquid beauty supplement in Boots since 2012 and the market leader in helping our hair, skin and nails go from strength to strength – with over 8,500 4.5 star reviews online, it’s no wonder a huge 50 million bottles have been sold worldwide! 

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Hairlift is a delicious daily liquid collagen shot to tackle the factors causing hair fall or slow growth through a blend of 18 active ingredients designed to nourish hair, support scalp health and boost keratin formation at the root. The clinical trial results show increased hair density and a growth of more than 4,000 new hairs in just 30 days – wow! 

This liquid supplement is focused specifically on promoting the overall health of your hair. Hairlift contains the best quality ingredients with a specialist blend brimming with nutrients including collagen, Vitamins C and B6, biotin and zinc. Plus, these miracle Hairlift supplements also contain hydrolysed keratin for luscious hair growth, renewed strength and reduced hair fall. It is also sugar and preservative free and follows years of research from the field’s leading specialists, giving you enough collagen, keratin and other essential vitamin doses that you can omit other supplements taken each day. Discover the new delicious tropical flavour of pineapple, peach and mango. 


Hairlift 30 Day Discovery Pack with Subscribe & Save, £56.60, Gold Collagen


The strongest of the Gold Collagen formulas to date, Forte Plus will boost the condition of your hair, skin and nails. Targeted at those over 40 and enriched with rocket extract, this version supports natural hair growth with immunity support for the healthy function of your heart, whilst biotin helps maintain your skin’s natural radiance. It comes in a delicious peach and lychee flavour and is gluten, sugar and lactose free. 


Forte Plus 30 Day Discovery Pack with Subscribe & Save, £69.60, Gold Collagen


Alternatively, if you haven’t reached your 40s but still want to enhance your collagen to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles, why not try Pure Plus? Formulated specially for the first signs of ageing, it contains an incredible 16 premium ingredients including hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, borage oil, zinc and copper, this award-winning supplement helps women aged 25 and over to encourage hair growth plus tackle the early signs of ageing, with the added benefits of clearer skin – all with a tasty peach flavour. 


Pure Plus 30 Day Discovery Pack with Subscribe & Save, £56.60, Gold Collagen


It really couldn’t be easier to tackle brittle, damaged hair and hair loss with Gold Collagen’s range of supplements. Plus the recyclable packaging means these shots are as eco-conscious as they are good for your hair! And compared to powdered collagen, a liquid supplement is proven to offer increased absorption and more visible results. Expect great hair days ahead… 

To discover more about what Gold Collagen can do for your hair and overall wellbeing, visit the Gold Collagen website for 20% off your first order and to find the Subscribe & Save offers with free UK delivery.