How 3 Women Handled Hair Loss From Chemo

How 3 Women Handled Hair Loss From Chemo

The sentence “You have cancer” is usually closely followed by “You’re going to lose your hair.” That’s the way it was for me when I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer in early October 2018. I chose to go bald, but the decision of how to handle hair loss from chemo is very personal, and how I went about it was just one of many options.

Women may also choose to wear hats, turbans, headscarves, or wigs, which could be realistic looking or fun and whimsical. There’s even a lesser-known option — cold cap therapy, also referred to as cold capping or scalp cooling — that can minimize hair loss from chemo.

Here’s how three women with a variety of diagnoses chose to handle the prospect of losing their hair to chemo.

Ashadee Miller, 38

Columbus, Ohio