How can nurses fit exercise into their schedule?

How can nurses fit exercise into their schedule?


Nursing is one of the most important roles within healthcare and one that we all rely on at various points in our lives. For those who work in this sector, it not only provides stable employment but also the chance to help people in need.

If you are interested in working as a nurse, it’s important to first do your research into this profession and industry. Education is crucial, as nurses need to hold the right qualifications before starting work. For example, a family nurse practitioner will need to have either a master’s degree or post-master’s certificate in this field to practice. Texas Woman’s University online nursing programs offer aspiring nurses a comprehensive education that advances their healthcare knowledge, research skills and understanding of clinical procedures, with a focus on holistic patient care.

Besides gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to provide patients with the best care possible, nurses should also take care of themselves by staying fit. This not only keeps you in top shape but also sets a good example to patients and means you are fit enough to carry out your duties properly. Even with the busy lives that nurses lead, there are ways to fit exercise into your schedule.

Join a 24-hour gym

One of the best health and fitness tips for nurses is to join a 24-hour gym. This means you will always have access to the gym whenever you are free and want to exercise. It also means you have around-the-clock access to all its equipment and facilities, which is especially helpful as nurses often work shifts or irregular hours.

Workout at home

Next to joining a gym that is always open, busy nurses can also work out at home to make exercise part of their regular schedule. While you might not get all the equipment and facilities a gym offers, you do save on gym fees and get to exercise in a familiar environment. For newcomers, there are lots of books, DVDs and online fitness classes to help you get started at home. This tip is also a great one if going to the gym before or after a busy shift is not an option.

Fit some exercise in at work

Nurses can also make time to exercise by fitting some in at work. This is a great idea if you do not like going to a gym or you find it hard to work out at home once you’ve returned from work. Although your nursing tasks will demand much of your time and attention during your shift, it is still possible to spend a few minutes when on a break to exercise. This does not have to be anything too strenuous either! For example, you can fit in a quick work out while sitting down or do a few simple stretches to limber up.

Health and fitness key for nurses

Anyone who works in a nursing role will know that staying fit is important. This is not only to set a good example to any patients you care for but also simply to look after your own health. Although the busy life of a nurse might make this seem hard, the above ideas should help you out if you are struggling.