I can reach ‘deep’ orgasm with no stimulation thanks to yoga

I can reach ‘deep’ orgasm with no stimulation thanks to yoga

She’s not faking it.

An Estonian yoga teacher has learned how to orgasm “almost instantly” without any stimulation.

Karolin Tsarski, 33, taught herself over the course of a decade how to achieve “deep sexual satisfaction” after traditional sex proved too painful.

Now, she claims she can orgasm for up to 10 minutes sans stimulation due to “years of yoga and tantric training.”

“I learned to relax and let go, accepted body image and brought increased mindfulness also to daily life in general,” she told researchers in a study published in the journal Sexual Medicine. “In addition, I did pelvic floor exercises, breast massage practice and practices to release shame and guilt.”

Her feat is so impressive that it was detailed in a scientific journal, as medical professionals discovered she wasn’t lying.

Tsarski, who believes women have the power to “awaken” their “orgasmic energy,” charges clients 60 pounds — approximately $78 — to learn how to enliven their sex lives in just an hour and a half.

Karolin Tsarski
This woman can orgasm without stimulation, researchers confirmed.
YouTube/ Karolin Tsarski

Researchers asked Tsarski, listed as a co-author of the study, to rate her climaxes using an orgasm-rating scale typically used in sex studies. The results showed that the orgasms she taught herself were nearly as pleasurable as her clitoral or anal ones, despite not showing the same emotional intimacy and bliss as traditional climaxes.

The scientists also measured her hormone levels 30 minutes before, immediately after and 30 minutes after Tsarski reached completion, shown in video footage as she squirms on a medical exam table.

The experiment, which was reproduced three times with one week between each, showed that her prolactin levels increased by 25 to 48% depending on how long her orgasms lasted — the longer the climax, the more prolactin.

Previous studies have suggested that the hormone prolactin is produced by women post-orgasm, but the lead author of the study, psychologist James Pfaus, chalked up the high levels to the menstrual cycle.

Karolin Tsarski
Karolin Tsarski participated in an experiment that studied how her different orgasms compared.
YouTube/ Karolin Tsarski

In a video linked to the study, Tsarski said of her seemingly impossible orgasms, “What I just did, I know every woman can do it.”

She found that non-genitally stimulated orgasms — the hotly debated NGSOs — were a godsend that allowed her to feel pleasure without pain. She used her newfound sexual abilities to combat vaginismus, a condition where the vagina painfully tightens when something is inserted.

Typically, both men and women require stimulation of erogenous zones and being aroused to climax, but women have reported orgasms in non-sexual situations before.

But for Tsarski, all she needed was the right yoga training, by “learning body postures, breathing techniques, body locks aimed at learning how to awaken and sense energy, and then learning to guide it and move it upwards.”