J. Balvin Details New Guess Collection in Exclusive Interview

J. Balvin Details New Guess Collection in Exclusive Interview

J. Balvin’s new Guess collection is made for those who feel good when they look good.

Today, the multi-faceted artist and Guess launch their latest collaboration, the Guess Originals x J Balvin Amor Collection, available online and at select Guess stores. The collection includes items as low as $29 for a women’s tank top and as high as $148 for the men’s black varsity jacket. The latter is inscribed with the words “solo quiero mejorar cada dia,” which translates to “I just wanna be better every day,” because Balvin doesn’t want just to improve the way you look world; he wants to improve the way you feel about yourself.

“As long as you feel good with what you have on, that has a dopamine effect in your brain that makes you feel better,” J. Balvin told Men’s Health.

The entire 31-piece collection was designed with mental health awareness woven into the fabric. Green is often associated with mental health awareness, and celebrities have sported green ribbons at the biggest events like the Emmys to ensure no one forgets. That’s why you’ll find pieces in the Amor collection, like the bright blue and green shorts.

Although the Latin music phenomenon has broken multiple Guinness World Records, performed across the world, and became a first-time father last May, he’s never been shy to show people the pain behind the party. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 17. In his 2021 Amazon Prime documentary The Boy from Medellín, the Colombian-born artist was candid about his experience with depression and thoughts of suicide due to the difficulty of being an immigrant in Miami while chasing his dreams of music stardom.

He knows maintaining good mental health requires balance and simplicity, core qualities essential to his new collection. Three years ago, when the global music superstar launched Guess Vibras, his collaboration with the legacy apparel brand, the 42-piece capsule collection was a festival of colors inspired by the vibrancy of the ’90s Miami style. Instead of rainbow-colored trucker denim jackets and tie-dye hoodies, Balvin purposefully filled his Amor collection with colorful yet contained offerings, like simple two-tone striped T-shirts and classic Guess blue jeans. “You can see in the collection how it’s really balanced. It’s not like what we used to do with 200 colors. This time, we need your mind to be at peace and in love.”

He knows his new collection of clothes and accessories won’t be enough to fix any mental health issues completely. Eco rayon camp shirts full of swirling hearts and matching swim trunks are good for your next beach vacation, but Balvin knows the keys to bettering your mental health lie in changes you make to your surroundings and daily habits. The pieces in the collection are meant to be visual aids on your journey to positivity essentially. And that’s why the Latin Grammy Award-winning singer suggests you can wear his new collection anywhere you feel confident.

“We cannot do clothing for certain places when it comes to mental health because our mental health situation happens everywhere during the whole day,” Balvin happily proclaimed. “As long as you feel cool and comfortable wearing pieces from our collection in your house, just rock it and feel confident about it.”

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