Lorde gets candid about her mysterious health condition

Lorde gets candid about her mysterious health condition

Singer-songwriter Lorde recently shared a newsletter with her fans, disclosing her struggles with a mysterious health condition affecting her for years. She revealed that she stopped taking decade-long medication to observe how her body reacts to it.

Lorde’s updates emphasize the obstacles she has encountered while listening to her body and underscores the significance of prioritizing one’s health. She said that she made the decision to discontinue her long-standing medication only five days ago. In her newsletter, she shared:

“The little yellow pill I took every morning for thousands of mornings since I was 15, I stopped taking it five days ago. Gonna see how it goes.”

Singer acknowledged that her body is inflamed and trying to communicate something to her

Despite her efforts to support her body, she expressed frustration with the lack of improvement.

The artist came to a significant realization this year, admitting that she neglected her body’s signals for most of her life. She wrote:

“I realised earlier this year that listening to my body is hard for me. It’s something I never really learned how to do.

“I’ve been trying to teach myself that this year, but it’s been hard, actually pretty confronting, has made me fully aware of all the times I ignored it or didn’t give it what it needed.”

The singer detailed some of the symptoms she’s experiencing, saying that her gut is not functioning properly, and her skin condition has exacerbated.

She also disclosed that she has fallen ill several times, compounding her frustrations. The artist’s vulnerability in sharing her journey highlights the challenges many face in understanding and tending to their body.

Apart from her health update, Lorde also revealed that she’s also grappling with heartbreak

The singer got candid about her physical and mental health. (Image via Getty Images)
The singer got candid about her physical and mental health. (Image via Getty Images)

While not elaborating on specifics, she acknowledged that the pain she endures is different yet interconnected.

Despite the constant ache she feels, the singer acknowledged that pain is not something to be hidden from but is rather something to embrace and find beauty in.

Lorde’s raw and candid updates provide her fans a glimpse into her ongoing health struggles

Singer-Songwriter Lorde (Image via Getty Images)
Singer-Songwriter Lorde (Image via Getty Images)

Her journey of learning to listen to her body and prioritize her well-being serves as an inspiration to others facing similar challenges. As she continues to navigate her mysterious health condition, the singer also appreciates the support she receives from her loved ones, including her close friend Taylor Swift.

While Lorde’s battle with her mysterious health condition continues, her determination to understand her body and find solutions remains unwavering. Her openness about her struggles fosters a sense of empathy and unity among her fans as they stand by her side.