Madhuri Dixit reveals why she includes coconut water in her diet | Food

Madhuri Dixit reveals why she includes coconut water in her diet | Food

Yesteryear Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit vouches for the incredible health benefits of tender coconut water. She says that including fresh tender coconut water in daily diet could help you relax. Moreover, she has revealed it to be the secret behind her glowing and healthy skin.

Doctors often prescribe tender coconut water which is loaded with anti-oxidants and minerals as a remedy to many illnesses. Drinking tender coconut water continuously for seven days would show you obvious results. From cleansing the internal organs to adding glow to the skin, this seven-day routine could work wonders.

Stress reliever
Drinking tender coconut water or coconut water in the morning could give you that instant boost of energy and help you relax. This pure drink which is a storehouse of electrolytes is an amazing stress reliever. Besides, it is best for overall rejuvenation too.

Enjoying a glass of tender coconut water could make you feel relaxed and stress-free. The great immunity power of the drink could prevent many diseases like gum diseases and typhoid.

This is an excellent drink to include in your diet in case you are trying to lose weight as tender coconut water can ease digestion.

The fibre in it can help you shed those extra kilos. Moreover, it would regulate appetite and prevent unwanted fat from getting deposited in the body. You could drink tender coconut water after a workout session to make your body fit and healthy. Expectant mothers too should regularly drink tender coconut water to improve their immunity.