Meet The Gold Standard And Supermodel Health Supplement From Lyma

Meet The Gold Standard And Supermodel Health Supplement From Lyma

You know you’ve crossed over from being fairly healthy to certified wellness enthusiast when the arrival of new supplements make you ecstatic. In a market saturated with gummies, tablets, tinctures and powders that hold promise of optimized health, it’s become almost impossible to tell the difference between true efficacy and placebo effect formulations. As a result, we stock our shelves with vitamins and supplements from letters A to Z. In the pursuit of optimal health and graceful aging, we go the extra mile to ensure we don’t miss out on the good stuff.

For someone who ingests a minimum of five capsules each day, the dream has always been to find that one health supplement to address major health and beauty concerns. Before my three month supply of LYMA The Supplement arrived, I was taking four gummies and several tinctures in the morning to boost energy and elevate my mood. Prebiotics, immunity boosters, skin supplements, and hair vitamins were constant lunch companions. Turmeric sachets and sleep tinctures were bedside essentials to ring in relaxation and a good night’s slumber.

On the onset, LYMA’s promise of improved immunity, enhanced energy, better sleep, and improved mental health seemed too good to be true. The brand’s communication team even expounded that, “The Supplement amplifies wellness holistically, addressing health, beauty, performance, recovery, anxiety, and sleep.” Determined to validate if the brand making waves in the UK could truly deliver on the promise, I endeavored to get my own supply of The Supplement. My once tedious supplementing ritual has dramatically changed since. The same can be said about mood, energy level, immunity, and quality of sleep.

The Supermodel of Supplements

There are countless reasons why LYMA’s formula stands out from the rest. Touted as “The Supermodel Supplement” the first to use peer-reviewed, patented blends and ingredients that ensure optimal absorption at clinical levels. Developed by preventative and degenerative disease authority Dr. Paul Clayton and LYMA Founder Lucy Golf, this new wellness game changer is “more than a vitamin pill. It’s the ultimate antidote to the stresses of modern life.”

The Supplement’s started kit alone had all the makings of a stylish health shelf essential. Packaged in a sleek black box, LYMA”s anti-bacterial hammered copper vessel demanded its own place of pride in the boudoir. It came with three shiny packets containing gold-colored capsules and an authenticity card that implied its premium attributes. The unique formulation that made up each gilded pop, however, revealed itself as the true gem only within weeks of daily intake.

Boost Immunity With High Clinical Doses of Wellmune

The magic behind The Supplement lies in LYMA’s Wellmune Blend probiotic. This unique formula harnesses the power of beta glucans to promote overall well-being. These sugar compounds are not naturally found in the human body, but remain essential for strengthening the immune system.

LYMA’s Wellmune Blend elevates the immune system by fortifying the upper respiratory tract and increasing white blood cell count. The team expounds, “Users experience fewer and milder symptoms from pre existing conditions and infections such as colds, sore throat or congestion within the first two weeks of use. That stuffy nose that suspect might be Covid, or itchy eyes from seasonal allergies could be a thing of the past with LYMA’s The Supplement.”

Turmeric Done The Right Way

The addition of Turmeric extract lends anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which factors into overall wellbeing. There are hundreds of turmeric formulas out in the market today, but The Supplement “delivers the most amount of curcumins in a form your body can absorb.” Typically, the body only absorbs about a fraction of the actual dosage. Through LYMA’s HydroCure and LipiSperse technology, the body is dosed up to four-fold. Combined with a targeted anti-inflammatory and feel good molecule called Levagen, The Supplement effectively speeds up muscle and tissue recovery.

A Vegan Friendly Way of Addressing Vitamin D Deficiency

Although often overlooked and underrated, Vitamin D is crucial for immune support as well as brain and mental health. Deficiency of both Vitamin D and K is not uncommon, mostly due to an unbalanced diet or lack of sun exposure. The Supplement sources Vitamin D3 from algae and serves it up in clinically safe yet optimal doses. It is combined with stable Vitamin K to ensure full absorption and efficacy. LYMA’s K2 Vital Delta formula also assists in fortifying bone strength.

Feel Good All Day, Sleep Better at Night

The Supplement’s unique, do-it-all formula also zeroes in on supporting a balanced and peaceful mind. It is infused with highest concentration, full spectrum ashwagandha, which provides the body with the proper dosing it needs. Teas, tinctures and other supplements often fall short in providing meaningful doses. LYMA’s blend significantly boosts mental clarity for longer periods of time. This in turn, rings in laser sharp focus, enhanced energy levels and better sleep come nighttime.

Combined with brain nourishing Smart Nootropics and mood boosting saffron extract, The Supplement has addressed the need to stock up on bottles upon bottles of tinctures and gummies to feel good all day and sleep well at night.

The Secret To Aging Gracefully and Beautifully

We often hear about Keratin as an essential ingredient for better hair and skin health. It is typically used in formulations for shampoos, and topical applications. As an ingestible supplement, Keratin presents several challenges as explained by the LYMA team. “Keratin is not naturally soluble or digestible in its typical form. This demonstrates how difficult it is for Keratin to penetrate hair, skin and nails. Many keratin supplements use sources derived by chicken features or fish scales…that do not have the same amino profile as humans…not compatible with our bodies and therefore have zero effect.”

The Supplement by LYMA uses Cynatine HNS, which is a revolutionary solubilized keratin. It is bioavailable and stable. More importantly, it can efficiently move through to the body to effect positive change on hair, skin, and nails. On hair , Cynatine increases luster while fortifying strand structure and root growth. The ingredient also binds with nails to strengthen and improve color. As a skin support, Cynatine promotes protein structure which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also enhances firmness and skin elasticity while retaining natural moisture.

It would be almost a month since The Supplement created drastic positive changes in my overall health. Despite another recent COVID surge, immunity has held up allowing me to go about work and play without a hitch. Each day filled with multiple tasks is met with energy, enthusiasm. Following intense workouts, recovery time has significantly decreased. As a result, I’ve been able to stay more consistent and progress through my mindfulness practice. Hair, skin and nails have begun to resemble its former glory. That all these benefits could be contained in one “supermodel” supplement has been both a breakthrough and a revelation. The secret to the magic, however, still lies in accompanying supplementation with proper nutrition, daily exercise, and as my dad would always insist, lots of laughter.