Monsoon Diet Tips: 6 Healthy Diet Tips To Keep Up Your Immunity

Monsoon Diet Tips: 6 Healthy Diet Tips To Keep Up Your Immunity

As much as we would like monsoons to be only about cuddling with our favourite book and chai, the heavy downpour does not come without its health risks. Our bodies in fact are much more susceptible to indigestion, infection and allergies as our immunity goes down significantly during monsoons. Following a nutritional diet and maintaining sanitary practices around the house is key to stay fit and healthy during the monsoons. Here’s a look at what you can indulge in during the cosy season of the rains.

6 Healthy Diet Tips To Keep Up Your Immunity During Monsoon Season:

1. Seasonal Fruits


Seasonal and Local fruits are always fresher

Including more seasonal fruits in our daily diet is one of the most important dietary changes we must do. Seasonal fruits such as papaya, litchi, apples and pears are some of the delicious additions you can make to your diet. They improve our immune system and ensure that we get more nutrition in our everyday diet.

2. Garlic


Garlic stabilizes your metabolism

Adding a clove of garlic to our soups or curries can do wonders for our immune system. It is a miracle food packed with antioxidants that helps in maintaining a stable metabolism rate. It is highly nutritious with very few calories and a few cloves here and there may prevent the common cold and flu.

3. Curd

Opting for curd and curd-based dishes instead of milk during monsoons is much safer as the humidity may make the milk go bad much faster than usual. Curd is packed with probiotics and extremely good to maintain a stronger gut. If you do wish to drink milk, then warming it up with a pinch of turmeric is always a good option. Celebrity nutritionist hails curd as being an easy and quick remedy to beating all your tummy troubles.

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4. Sprouts


Brussel sprouts are loaded with antioxidants

This protein-rich food is a good option in all seasons, but it is especially perfect for monsoons as it boosts your immune system by fighting germs. Sprouts are also a much better option than salads during monsoons as they are usually boiled. Eating raw salads during the rainy season may lead to gastrointestinal issues. Even Nutritionist Sheela Sehrawat from the Diet Clinic in New Delhi agrees that sprouts increase the nutritive value of the ingredients and provides better digestion. They even provide antioxidants that detoxify your body by boosting oxygen levels.

5. Herbal Tea

The Indian chai may have a fanbase of its own, but switching to herbal tea with anti-bacterial properties may work as an excellent immunity booster. You can make ginger, lemon or mint tea depending upon your taste. Adding honey instead of sugar gives it a more nutritional kick.

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6. Water


Not drinking enough water can lead to dizziness and extreme fatigue

It is no secret that drinking at least two litres of water is extremely essential for your overall health. Boiling or purifying it is much recommended during monsoons as the chances of water contamination is much higher during the rains. If plain water is too boring for you, try to infuse it with some cucumber and it will even work as a detoxifying agent.

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