Perform these bedtime yoga asanas to get a good night’s sleep

Perform these bedtime yoga asanas to get a good night’s sleep

A lot of us find ourselves struggling to sleep peacefully after a hectic day. The pandemic and the prolonged lockdowns have ruined our sleep cycles further. But, it is also very important to know that good sleep is quintessential to a healthy body and mind. So if you are finding it difficult to sleep or have a disturbed sleep pattern, count on these effective yoga asanas.

“The gentle physical movement is relaxing itself, and the principles yoga is founded on — gratitude, self-compassion, and contentment — when practised before bed can be calming, too, helping to promote sleep,” Ayurvedic expert Dr Nitika Kohli wrote, as she shared five yoga asanas.

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Practice these yoga asanas at night to get a good night’s sleep, as shared by the expert.


This pose helps you to relax and calm your mind.


It relaxes your muscles and improves your sleep.

Janu Sirsasana

Including this yoga asana in your daily yoga routine will improve your sleeping patterns.


This asana gives your full body a good stretch. Do this regularly and you will see the difference in your sleep.


It calms your nervous system and helps relax all your tired muscles and shoulders.

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