Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates the benefits of yoga that ‘can’t be counted on weighing scales’ | Health

Rujuta Diwekar demonstrates the benefits of yoga that ‘can’t be counted on weighing scales’ | Health

Rujuta Diwekar is a fitness enthusiast. Rujuta, who is a nutritionist by profession, keeps sharing benefits of several food items and exercise routine on her Instagram profile. The nutritionist swears by good food, good exercise and often shares the same on her Instagram profile to encourage her fans to move on to a healthier lifestyle.

From giving tips on how to turn around our holiday season celebrations to a healthier format with a controlled diet and a focus on our fitness routine to sharing benefits of the exercise routine performed by her at home, Rujuta’s Instagram profile is replete with information on health benefits of various kind.

On Wednesday, Rujuta shared a short snippet of her own fitness routine on her Instagram profile. For the middle of the week, the nutritionist performed a handstand and aced it to perfection. In the picture, Rujuta can be seen balancing her entire body on her palms with her legs straight up in air. Dressed in a blue tee shirt and a pair of black gym trousers, Rujuta can be seen engrossed in her fitness routine.

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With the picture, Rujuta also shared the benefits that yoga asanas come with. Benefits of yoga that includes stretching the muscles, stimulating blood flow, improving the heart condition are already known to us. However, for Wednesday, Rujuta shared the benefits of yoga that “cannot be counted on weight scales.” She wrote, “Asana practice can give grace to the body, strength to the mind and direction to life. Just some of those things that can’t be counted on weighing scales.” Take a look at her post here:

Besides providing the body with awareness, strength and mobility, handstand also comes with various other health benefits. It helps in engaging the muscles of the shoulders, arms, core, and back. It also helps in stimulating blood circulation and lymph flow.

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