Self-improvement with the BWG Library

Self-improvement with the BWG Library

This week’s top picks from the BWG Library focus on the theme of self-improvement

It is summertime, with super hot weather as well as rainy thunderstorms…both perfect for staying indoors and diving into a great book!  Nina, Deputy CEO at the BWG Library, has compiled a list of hot new self-improvement titles just in time for summer reading.  From ways to reinvent the road ahead, to staying in shape, these are some of the hottest titles to explore.  

Librarians are always looking for suggested books our community members would like to see in our collection.  You can message any recommendations to the BWG Library through Facebook at or email [email protected].  Help us grow our collection and let us know which resources you think we should share with the BWG community!

Beginners : the joy and transformative power of lifelong learning, by Tom Vanderbilt

The best-selling author of Traffic and You May Also Like now gives us a thought-provoking, playful investigation into the transformative joys that come with starting something new, no matter your age.

Chatter : the voice in our head, why it matters, and how to harness it, by Ethan Kross

An award-winning psychologist reveals the hidden power of our inner voice and shows how we can harness it to live healthier, more satisfying, and productive lives. Tell a stranger that you talk to yourself, and you’re likely to get written off as eccentric. But the truth is that we all have a voice in our head. When we’re facing a tough task, our inner coach can buoy us up: Focus–you can do this. But just as often, our inner critic sinks us entirely. I’m going to fail. They’ll all laugh at me. What’s the use? 

In Chatter, acclaimed psychologist Ethan Kross explores the silent conversations we have with ourselves. He warns that giving in to negative and disorienting self-talk–what he calls “chatter”–can tank our health, sink our moods, strain our social connections, and cause us to fold under pressure. But the good news is that we’re already equipped with the tools we need to make our inner voice work in our favor.  

Brilliantly argued, expertly researched, and filled with compelling stories, Chatter gives us the power to change the most important conversation we have each day: the one we have with ourselves

Dusk, night, dawn : on revival and courage, by Anne Lamott 

In Anne Lamott’s new book, she confronts the harsh truth that many of us grapple with every day: How can we recapture the confidence we once had in the world and in the future as we stumble through the dark times that seem increasingly bleak? Where, Lamott asks, “do we start to get our joy and hope and our faith in life itself back … with sore feet, hearing loss, stiff fingers, poor digestion, stunned minds, broken hearts?” 

We begin, Lamott explains, by accepting our flaws and embracing our humanity “in the here and now. … We look up and around for [the] brighter ribbons” of connection, loyalty, and support. As she does in Help, Thanks, Wow and her other bestselling books, Lamott explores the thorny issues of life and faith by breaking them down into manageable, human-sized questions.  

Full of the honesty, humor and humanity that have made Lamott beloved by millions of readers, this book is classic Anne Lamott — thoughtful and comic, warm and wise — and further proof that Lamott truly speaks to the better angels in all of us

One decision : the first step to a better life, by Mike Bayer

One Decision is a shift in thinking and a powerful blueprint that will catapult you into action, helping you turn obstacles into opportunities, struggles into successes and create a new outlook to improve your outcomes while living out the days ahead.

Single. On purpose : redefine everything, find yourself first Single on purpose, by John Kim

From the Angry Therapist and author of I USED TO BE A MISERABLE F*CK comes a guide to prioritizing your relationship with yourself and living a more meaningful life, regardless of your relationship status.

Stop living on autopilot : take responsibility for your life and rediscover a bolder, happier you, by Antonio Neves 

Take stock of your life: Based on your last 30 days of work (or marriage, or parenting), would your company rehire you? Would your partner immediately recommit to you? The easy answer is, “Absolutely!” But it’s probably not the honest answer. Your life might read like a success story, but you have a secret: You’ve stopped caring about much of anything. You’d rather binge-watch Netflix than think about what’s next. You’re living on autopilot. You have two choices: Experience a slow self-destruction, or commit to a course correction. 

The good news is, it’s never too late to find your drive again. Stop Living on Autopilot will guide you to confront hard truths about where you are and how you got there, inviting compassion, honesty, and accountability. 

Your fully charged life : a radically simple approach to having endless energy and filling every day with yay, by Meaghan Murphy

The Fully Charged Life is Meaghan’s practical guide to bringing your best self to every moment, even when the pressures of daily life leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and wallowing in negative thoughts (and a pint of your favorite gelato). Spanning health, work, family time, and more, the book reveals small changes in outlook and habits that yield big results, without ever sacrificing who you are.