Sound meditation can rejuvenate your mind and body | Health & Fitness

Sound meditation can rejuvenate your mind and body | Health & Fitness

Do you ever struggle to sit still and relax because your mind won’t stop thinking?

Would you like an easier way to meditate?

Combining sound with deep breathing is an easy way to help quiet a busy mind. Listening to relaxing music or the sounds of nature enhances well-being by calming our nervous system and creating a state of ease and flow.

With busy lifestyles soothing sounds reduce stress, anxiety and improve one’s mood. Numerous studies have shown the health benefits of music in lowering blood pressure, heart, and respiratory rates. The use of sound also increases the immune response and boosts our natural opiates for pain relief.

Sound has been used for generations by many cultures to bring peace and balance. Beating a drum, playing a singing bowl, or chanting a mantra all have harmonizing effects. For quieting the mind, the singing bowls are simple tools that re-direct one’s mind to relax and support focus for meditation.

Both Tibetan metal singing bowls and quartz crystal bowls emit sound waves that are physically, palpable vibrations. When the bowls are struck or sung with a padded mallet, pleasing overtones entrain the body and mind to calm. These vibratory sounds have been shown to induce meditative brain wave states of relaxation.

An observational study in 2016 examined the effects of Tibetan singing bowl meditation on 62 adults for mood, anxiety, pain, and spiritual well-being. Following the group sound meditation the participants reported significantly less tension, anger, fatigued and depressed mood. Feelings of spiritual well-being significantly increased across all participants.