The 8 Best Yoga Mats 2022

The 8 Best Yoga Mats 2022

Whether you’re a front-row expert decked out in the slickest athletic gear possible or a hiding-in-the-back-of-the-room novice who’s just there because your significant other insisted you come, everyone needs a good yoga mat. Shelling out your hard-earned clams to rent a mat each time you go to yoga adds up—plus, the best yoga mats should be the ones that are the right size, thickness, and texture for your specific needs. Owning your own yoga mat also allows you to have complete control over how clean it is, rather than hoping the person who used it before you did a thorough job wiping it down after their class. 

Not sure where to start your yoga mat search? No sweat—we pulled a few of our favorite top-rated yoga mats for your reading pleasure. We’ve got mats from big-name fitness companies and affordable, under-the-radar brands to splurge-worthy sleepers and more. Take one more big stretch, and peruse. 

This thicc boi

If you’re looking for a yoga mat that’s going to provide big-time cushion and support, the [inhales] BalanceFrom GoYoga yoga mat is the right choice for you. (Plus, it’s 66%-off right now.) In addition to being extra-thick, high-density, and anti-tear, it comes in seven different colors, both sides are non-slip, and it has a carrying strap and a 4.5-star rating from 75,736 reviews on Amazon, so it’s gotta be doing something right. 


GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density Anti-Tear Yoga Mat

It’s well made

It’s true: Madewell, one of our favorite clothing and accessory slingers also sells a very dope yoga mat. This Oak and Reed Shibori Diamond Yoga Mat is non-slip and cushioned for comfort, and its print is inspired by the Japanese shibori dyeing technique. It’s also designed to be ​​anti-static and water-resistant, which means it won’t be an issue when you inevitably spill your massive Hydroflask all over it during your flow. 

Oak and Reed

Oak and Reed Shibori Diamond Yoga Mat

Like a grown-up tapestry 

We’re not knocking the tapestry that covered an entire wall of your bedroom until just now in your first apartment, but this is certainly an adult upgrade. This reversible Gaiam Yoga Mat comes in a variety of cool colors and prints, and has a perfect 5-star rating from over 11,500 reviews on Amazon. “I love my mat,” one buyer wrote. “[It’s] beautiful and I get compliments on it every time I use it.” The stable and sturdy cushioned surface is also non-slip and great for your yoga practice, whether you’re at home or in the studio.


Gaiam Premium 6mm Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Yoga Mat

You’re wearing Stan Smiths right now

Same, dude. You’ve always been loyal to the brand with the three stripes, so why not complete your collection with an Adidas yoga mat, created in collaboration with Stella McCartney? The lightweight foam mat also comes with colorful, minimalist carrying straps, and is seriously on-sale right now. (It’ll also match your Adidas leggings.)


Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat

For the front-row yogis 

You know the type: They’re decked out in the dopest yoga gear possible, they absolutely crush every flow and movement, and never waver or lose balance for a second—so much so that they become the still objects that the people in the back focus on to try to stop shaking like a leaf while in warrior two. If the former sounds like you (or someone you’re aspiring to be), you can’t go wrong with this reversible yoga mat from Lululemon. “I’ve had it for over a year and I am still as obsessed,” one enthusiastic reviewer explains. “I can flow through a hot yoga class for 75 minutes sweating my a** off without a towel.”


The Reversible Mat 3mm

First yoga, then daiquiris 

After all, it’s what Ernest would have wanted. This HemingWeigh Yoga Mat is a solid one-inch thick, which makes it the perfect choice for people who need a little extra cushion and support. (Knee pain sufferers, we feel you.) It also comes with an integrated, self-strapping carrying handle for easy transport. 


HemingWeigh 1-Inch Thick Yoga Mat

Simple, sturdy, elegant

This handmade, 100% latex-free Manduka Pro yoga mat comes in at an ultra-dense 6-millimeter thickness, so it’s got all the cushion your achy joints need during your practice. It’s also a snap to clean, since its closed-cell material seals out moisture and bacteria. It’s also OEKO-TEX certified, and built to last a lifetime. “This mat is comfy enough to sleep on if you so wish,” one reviewer writes. (Corpse pose, here we come.)


Manduka Pro Yoga Mat 6mm

Elite is your middle name

Last, but by no means least, comes the Long Natural Rubber Yoga Mat by Jade Yoga. Open-cell, natural rubber provides a durable mat that stays slip-free all the time—even when wet. It’s constructed from renewable, natural rubber and made sustainably with emissions-free manufacturing. It’s also PVC-free, and for every mat sold, Jade Yoga will plant a tree. Invest in your body; invest in the earth. 

Jade Yoga

Long Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 74″ 8mm

See you at the studio.

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