The Best Air Bikes For Your Home Gym

The Best Air Bikes For Your Home Gym

If you’ve been bored with your cardio routine, you should consider hopping on an air bike. Not only will the activity get your heart pumping, but it will give you a strength challenge thanks to its resistance-based training. If you’ve ever used one before, you know that work on an air bike never feels easy. That’s because the resistance gets higher the harder you push.

Former World’s Strongest Man turned boxer Hafthor Bjornsson crushed an Assault Bike workout that he described as the hardest workout of his life. (Looking for an alternative indoor exercise bike? Here are 10 of the best.) Air bikes are a key component in CrossFit gyms. And newly-retired five-time Fittest Man in the World Mat Fraser has two air bikes stocked in his home gym, including an Assault bike and a Rogue Echo bike (more on those in our picks below.)

“The Rogue Echo is a lot more for interval training… and then the Assault bike is a staple for competition,” he previously shared. (If you’re looking for a killer fan bike workout, this air bike interval workout from Don Saladino, NASM, pairs 10 seconds of all-out work with 50 seconds of active recovery to max out your heart rate and build the power you want.)

All this is to say that an air bike is the perfect piece of cardio equipment to stock up your home gym. Ready to purchase one? Here are five of our picks for the best air bikes.

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Rogue Echo Bike

rogue wallet


Rogue’s Echo Bike high quality steel frame and belt driven steel fan has metal pedals and a mounted LCD console that measures a wide range of modes, including Intervals (20/10, 10/20 or a customized interval), Target (by goal Time, Distance or Calories), and Heart Rate Tracking. You can also order additional accessories, like the bottle cage, mast-mounted phone holder, and a custom wind guard.

Assault AirBike Classic

Assault Fitness


$699.00 (30% off)

Assault’s AirBike Classic was designed to last, thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame and 20 sealed bearings for a sturdy ride every time. The seat is adjustable both by height and closeness to the bike, and the console comes with seven on-board programs if you’re looking for a new workout to try, and it also tracks calories, distance, time and heart rate.

Marcy Fan Exercise Bike with Air Resistance System

Marcy’s fan exercise bike has an LCD tracker that tracks your stats for time, distance, speed, and calories burned. It has an adjustable seat and a resistance knob to increase and decrease tension for a powerful ride.

Schwinn 111446-001 Airdyne Pro Exercise Bike


Schwinn’s 111446-001 Airdyne Pro has a single stage direct drive belt that powers a custom designed 26 blade fan that produces more watt power to help you burn more calories for a higher RPM during your workout. The console also has built in HIIT programs and tracks watts, calories, heart rate, time and distance. Plus, the seat and handlebars are adjustable.

Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness


$190.98 (13% off)

Sunny Health & Fitness’s Zephyr air bike is an affordable option for your home gym. It has a steel frame, a wide padded saddle and an 18-inch fan wheel. The performance monitor tracks time, speed, RPM, distance and calories burned, and also has a convenient device holder to keep your tech items close.

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