Toney’s Strength and Performance, The Fastest Growing Community Driven for Self-Improvement

Toney’s Strength and Performance, The Fastest Growing Community Driven for Self-Improvement

Toney’s Strength and Performance was created to help people from all walks of life. Josh Toney and Ryson Shepherd founded the company to help everyone who struggles with insecurities, stress, anxiety and depression. We give you motivation, health and fitness tips, sone to be nutrition plans for sports nutrition and body image, and select programs so you have everything you need to be confident. Also, calling all athletes we have the #1 athlete programs on the market. We have helped hundreds of athletes master their craft and put them at peak performance levels. If you are looking to perform at a higher level or dominant your senior year look no further because you just found the best performance coaching with Toney’s Strength and Performance!

Josh Toney is the founder and head coach of Toney’s Strength and Performance. Josh Toney is a weightlifting coach, competitive powerlifter, strength and conditioning coach who specializes in helping people from all walks of life whether you are someone who needs help gaining or losing weight or wants to become a better athlete on the field.

Josh has helped hundreds of people improve not only their physical image but also their mental health. He has an online coaching business that has a vision of building a tight- knit community of people who are passionate about physical self-improvement, while also educating the general public about building a healthy lifestyle.

Here is how Ryson became a part of the company

Ryson Shepherd, the co-founder of Toney’s Strength and Performance is an entrepreneur, investor, and business partner Ryson has the same goals and aspirations as head coach Josh Toney. He is in charge of operations, marketing, advertising, sales, communications and business development. We will build the #1 fitness community and give all our athletes a chance to play at the next level and get an education. We strive to build connections in the community and around the country to offer everything you need to become a better version of yourself. We will turn your weaknesses into strengths! is in charge of operations, marketing, advertising, sales, communications and business

Ryson is a former client of mine who believed in my abilities so much that he invested in becoming a co-founder. “I reached out to Josh one day at the gym and I believed so much in his abilities to coach and transform people’s lives that I hit him up with a business start-up plan. I knew it was going to be something great with Coach Josh because he is determined to work with anyone to help them change their life. He is dedicated to fitness and helping so many achieve their goals. Working with him as a client in the past has helped save me not only from stress and anxiety but also made me feel better and look better. When becoming a client, everything mentioned above is what Toney’s Strength and Performance will do for you. You are not only a client but a part of the Toney Strength family”, Ryson stated.

How did Josh and Ryson make a name for themselves in the industry?

Josh is a reputed and knowledgeable coach in the fitness industry. He has helped change hundreds of people’s lives not only physically but also mentally. He specializes in athletes and powerlifting but saw a need in every individual. Josh and co-founder Ryson Shepherd wanted to help as many people as possible and love the work that they do. “We will do everything we can to help everyone become a better version of their selves,” stated Josh and Ryson. Co-founder Ryson manages the business operations and graduates from college with a business management and marketing degree in December 2021. The partners have grown up in a small community and has a lot of support. Josh has trained a lot of the high schools’ athletes in our area and has helped produce D1 athletes in Clarksville Tn. In their recent research, they found that they offer the most competitive rate for our specific training programs. Most programming is hundreds of dollars a month or even thousands but we wanted to create value and change with as little cost to our customers so that everyone can afford to implement a change in their life.

What does the company look forward to?

The company’s biggest purpose is to make an impact in other people’s lives. It started with the owner’s life changes and saw how amazing the impact was to then the owners decided to make that an option for everyone.

Josh and Ryson strive to make an impact in the community by offering online training programs for every individual need, creating social media accounts that inspire, motivate, and encourage people to make a change. And offer millions of people the opportunity to produce another side income by helping people grow mentally and physically every day.