Top priority for New Year is good health & fitness

Top priority for New Year is good health & fitness

Dr G V Rao, director of AIG Hospitals

Our resolutions were sealed since the time we took the Hippocratic Oath and continued with the mission for accessible healthcare. I believe that when collective responsibility becomes a national resolution to end COVID, all other resolutions will fall into place. My resolutions have always been simple: like eating clean food, avoiding sugar, being disciplined in my surgical practice and getting actively involved in academic activities for both, educating the next generation of doctors and the public at large.

Personally, being physically fit has been my priority. A bicycling club we began towards that — the AIG Bicycling Club (ABC) — blends both physical and mental wellbeing.”

Dr Sudhir Reddy, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Landmark Hospital

My wish for 2022 is a change in the outlook of healthcare providers, patients and the public. Everyone must strive towards wellness, a healthy lifestyle and preventive health. Presently, our healthcare system is only reactive, coming into play when someone gets ill.

Personally, I wish I can achieve a better balance between work and personal life in 2022; I’d like to dedicate regular periods for exercise and travel more to see the beauty the world offers.”


Dr Ch Ragasudha, senior consultant gynaecologist, Rainbow Hospital

The past two years have been memorable and insightful. We had to set up a ‘new normal’ in many areas of life. As a gynaecologist, I had the satisfaction of helping women deliver and bring many new lives to earth right amid raging COVID deaths. Given the brevity of life in today’s pandemic-infested world, I wish people adapt, change their priorities and perspectives and continue to give more importance to life than material objects.”

Dr KVV Vijaya Kumar, professor & head of the department of Respiratory Medicine, AMC & medical superintendent, Government Hospital for Chest and Communicable Diseases (GHCCD)

I wish people and the government don’t make light of the coronavirus, especially the omicron variant. Stay indoors as much as possible, wear masks, sanitise hands and behave responsibly. Paradoxically, while authorities are imposing restrictions and asking people to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour, governments are also promoting tourism, opening up cinema halls and holding election rallies. Crowds and gatherings would spread the virus like wildfire and if the caseload goes up to lakhs per day causing a third wave, the healthcare system will collapse again.”


Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda

Health is wealth, and my New Year’s wish is that all of us build our natural immunity by adopting, to whatever extent, a traditional Ayurveda-based lifestyle. The pandemic is not over yet; the threat from the new omicron variant looms large. In such a scenario, even small changes in daily routine by incorporating natural herbal foods, practicing meditation, yoga and detoxification can all lead to holistic well-being. Also, I wish to see people following safe, covid-appropriate behaviour.”


Dr Chaitanya Challa, internal medicine and critical care expert Challa clinics, Care & Global hospitals

Having had to spend several hours in hospitals, we doctors had it very difficult in the last two years, with no personal time for families. So, for 2022, my wish is to spend more time at home with my son who is 20 months old. I also request people to be careful, avoid unnecessary gatherings and maintain a six-foot distance from others.”

Dr P Radharani, dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon

For New Year, I wish patients and people behave in a responsible way, remain careful about Covid-19 so that doctors are safe too. My resolution is to continue working and serving the patients the best way possible.