Unlock the Power of Yoga Meditation and Mantras Through Matangi Devi’s Debut Album “Shakti Ma”

Unlock the Power of Yoga Meditation and Mantras Through Matangi Devi’s Debut Album “Shakti Ma”

Promoting wellness and spirituality through a fusion of Vedic mantras and unique charming vocals

Hailing a new season of enchanting, resonant music steeped in ancient wisdom and mantras of the Vedic world, singer-songwriter Matangi Devi has released her debut Album “SHAKTI MA.” The multi-talented musician, renowned Hatha yoga instructor, and revered Vedic astrologer is taking listeners on a transcendental journey that helps people find their inner Zen.

A new way to experience music

Dedicated to redefining the boundaries of spirituality and balance, Matangi creates an immersive experience through her music. She brings her extensive expertise and knowledge of yoga, meditation, and music to her music, allowing people to plug the gaps in their lives through self-healing.

Despite “SHAKTI MA” being her debut album, Matangi Devi is a musical mystic whose fusion of Vedic tradition and charming vocals take listeners on a wellness journey. Matangi remarks that her music and teachings focus on breaking down ancient wisdom and mindfulness practices for modern audiences. At a time when screen time is on the rise and the high demands of daily responsibilities weigh heavy on most people’s shoulders, the hunt for balance has accelerated, and Matangi is committed to offering a gateway to self-healing, relaxation and, ultimately, a healthy lifestyle.

Her unique combination of captivating vocals, ancient Indian folk music, and modern musical art offers the perfect backdrop for yoga, meditation, and chanting mantras.

A harvest of ancient wisdom for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing

With over 17 years of teaching Hatha yoga and ten years as a professional Vedic astrologer, Matangi has dedicated her life to wellness and spirituality. Her deep understanding of the benefits of yoga, meditation, and positive thinking has helped many people get back in sync with their inner selves. Her unique background in Hatha yoga, Vedic traditions, and mantras have helped elevate wellness to a new level. Her teachings and music capture the essence of self-love, mindset, and manifestation.

She shares that affirmation, coupled with knowledge of Vedic astrology and yoga, changed her life for the better. “It has long been proven that the magical vibrations of mantras affect the space around us and within us, transform our consciousness and awaken Kundalini (the cosmic energy inside of us), connect us with the divine nature of this world and the universe. Mantra has magical effects and can assist in reaching enlightenment in ourselves.”

Matangi is studying Sanskrit language and sacred mantras with famous professor Dr. Lekhmani Tripathi from Varanasi, India.

Heartening benefits of yoga, meditation, and mantras

Achieving and maintaining harmony between the physical, emotional, and spiritual is incredibly important for peace of mind. Yoga, meditation, and mantras combine these aspects, allowing people to experience the transformative and therapeutic benefits of these practices. 

Being practices that date back centuries, their individual and combined benefits are well documented. From stress reduction, mindfulness, improved concentration, attention and mood, pain relief, and better sleep quality, yoga, meditation, and mantra chanting have proved highly effective.

Sound is a common component of yoga, meditation, and mantras. Typically, sessions begin and end with a sound that allows people to focus the mind and body, expelling distractions and worries during a yoga class, meditation session, or chanting a mantra. By embedding Vedic mantras in her album, Matangi helps people boost awareness and improve concentration to enhance overall well-being and mindfulness.

Keen to help people experience the full benefits of meditation, yoga, and mantras that hold sacred answers to life, Matangi explains that these practices are meaningless if people are not intentional about them. When people mindlessly chant the same phrase over and over while holding the same position, they get none of the benefits of practicing yoga, meditation, and mantras. Through Hatha yoga classes, a slowed-down yoga and meditation form for beginners, Matangi helps people learn the basics of yoga, breathwork, and meditation to help improve students’ mindset for the wisdom of yoga philosophy to freely flow into their belief systems.

Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and growth

Matangi understands that to truly appreciate the depth of chanting mantras, yoga, and meditation; people need to step into a guided journey through the darkness and into the light. Matangi’s music offers an immersive experience celebrating spirituality, wellness, and mindfulness. Her mission is to reframe how people perceive mantras, meditation, and yoga, making it an intentional healing and wellness experience.

“SHAKTI MA” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. For more information on yoga, meditation, and mantras, follow Matangi on social media.

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