Unlocking the Path to Prevention, Health and Fitness

Unlocking the Path to Prevention, Health and Fitness

In an era where living life to its fullest takes center stage, Dr. Shavelson has the history (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Biomechanics, sports medicine, and holistic background) and the innovative passion that distinguishes him from other Certified Health Coaches.

The question arises: Why does anyone need a Certified Health Coach?

Dr. Shavelson addresses this query with compelling reasons, advocating for adding a wellness champion to one’s life. Doctors no longer have time to work with prevention, performance enhancement, and quality of life as they are too busy with government and insurance red tape and failures. His role extends beyond conventional Dr Shav, as his clients call him, states: “I become a personal health cheerleader and organizing partner in adopting and maintaining healthier habits long term.

For Dr. Shavelson being a health coach means addressing key health issues fostering physical well-being, and enhancing happiness and personal security.

The process begins by carefully interviewing every client to determine their strengths and weaknesses and only then, implementing small changes in key areas that provide a foundation for a better lifestyle both short and long term.

“I know that more and more people are living stressed-out lives with no time to eat right and exercise leading to poor sleeping habits and low self-esteem. More importantly, I know how to fix that with custom coaching and support.”

Dr. Shav mentors clients utilizing various communication methods including questionnaires, personal meetings, zoom and Facetime sessions, phone calls, texts, and emails. This personalized approach motivates individuals to take control of their lifestyle choices.

A recent study revealed that Certified Health Coaching significantly improved blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight management, stress reduction, diabetes management, and sleep habits among participants.

“I have a 90% success rate improving nutrition and finding ways and time to exercise. Add to that my talents to foster brain health, efficient tasking and a better night’s sleep improve self esteem and personal confidence.

In recognition of his contributions, Dr. Shavelson has achieved the prestigious Best Doctors in Florida status for 2023 as a Certified Health Coach. His services are available in person at SNAP Fitness Center in Tampa, FL (corner of Race Track Road and Countryway Blvd) and virtually across the USA (www.healthcoachdrshav.com).

“At the core of my health coaching is a guaranteed improvement in the self-esteem and happiness of my as clients as a person who is dedicated, successful, positive, and caring with decades of one-on-one achievement as a doctor, health coach, athlete, father, and grandfather.”

Take the first step towards a healthier you by completing the comprehensive
questionnaire to provide Dr. Shavelson with valuable insights into your unique health and wellness needs. This initial step will pave the way for a 10-minute courtesy discussion, setting the stage for a tailored wellness journey together. To start, complete the questionnaire or contact Dr. Shav at 845-536-3338 to schedule your complimentary 10-minute consultation or book an appointment on his website, https://healthcoachdrshav.com/.

Are you curious about managing your wellness independently? Explore the transformative potential of Dr. Shavelson’s 6-Day Wellness Challenge on his website to taste the empowering world of self-directed wellness. If you sense you can accomplish this better with a partner and mentor, consider Dr Shav.