We asked 3 industry experts to share the top skincare tips

We asked 3 industry experts to share the top skincare tips

Skincare is a long game. There are no shortcuts and easy fixes—it takes consistency to see results. And with the plethora of skincare and wellness hacks out there, it can take up to years to know what works, what products are effective, and what the dos and don’ts are. So why not ask them the experts themselves?

From game-changing wellness hacks to lessons learnt from experience, we ask 3 skin experts to share their top skincare tips so you can discover valuable insights that can inform your regime and hopefully save you time on trial and error.

Meet the expert: Sandhya Shekar, Celebrity Make-up Artist

Milk cleansers over face wash

One product that transformed my skin is a milk cleanser. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re using, but I honestly see such a difference with milk cleansers as opposed to a face wash. They’re gentler and milder on the skin, helping you to restore the moisture in your skin which you lose as you age.

Get adequate sleep

Something basic but transformational is getting eight hours of sleep and going to bed at the same time each day, preferably early. I see a huge difference when I go to bed at 10-10.30 pm versus 12.30-1 am. I barely have dark circles when I follow a consistent regime of going to bed on time. Another thing I have introduced in the last two or three years is to make relaxation a part of my daily routine. The more you’re stressed, the more likely it is to show on your skin. I now gravitate less toward products and focus more on lifestyle choices.

Less is more

I went through a phase where I was putting a lot in and realised that the skin barrier was getting weak. The shift to using bare minimal products has worked for me. Also, being on the other end of the chair where I’m working on so many models and celebrities, I realised that the fewer products you use on your face, the better it is. I see the younger kids and models using at least five to six products a day because that’s what they think is necessary. But the most flawless skin and the best textures are always of those who follow a minimal skincare routine. So, I’ve gone back to keeping my skincare simple, and it has helped.

Another important thing I try not to miss is my monthly visit to the dermatologist for a regular clean-up. I don’t believe in doing anything fancy to my skin, but consistency is key and pays off.

Meet the expert: Dr Jaishree Sharad, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Founder of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic

Always cleanse your skin after using a hair conditioner.

Hair products often contain oil-based ingredients which can clog your pores, resulting in acne on the forehead, shoulders, back of the neck, and along the hairline. While seeking non-comedogenic hair products is one approach to addressing this issue, another effective method is to cleanse your skin after using shampoo and conditioner. This practice helps remove excess oil, preventing pore blockages and subsequent breakouts.

Opt for silk pillows instead of cotton

Most individuals opt for cotton bedlinen, often viewing silk as an unnecessary luxury. However, sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a surprisingly positive impact on your skin. Wondering how? Well, when your skin comes into contact with cotton, it generates friction. This friction leads to noticeable lines and wrinkles and triggers skin inflammation, resulting in breakouts and other inflammatory reactions.