We Found the Solutions to Summer’s Toughest Style Situations

We Found the Solutions to Summer’s Toughest Style Situations

What should I wear? It was a pretty normal question we used to ask ourselves pre-pandemic. But now, asking what clothes you should be wearing isn’t purely pragmatic. It’s existential. What kind of pants should I wear to work? What kind of pants should I own at all? What is the point of pants, and who decided we needed to wear them?

And listen, we too wore sweatpants and sweatshorts and T-shirts to work for the last year. We, too, let our bosses see our questionable WFH outfits and ill-measured gallery walls in virtual meetings. Social boundaries have been shattered, the backs of our closets long forgotten. But now that things are largely reopening, we all could use a little reminder about how to dress for it. So we’ve teamed up with our friends at Klarna to find the eaaaassssyy solutions for some of those tricky style situations, like heading back to the office, finally taking that long-awaited vacation with friends and family, or scooting off to all those postponed weddings.


The lowdown on Klarna

Klarna is an all-in-one payment and shopping service that makes both the shopping and the buying process easier all around. Download their app, and you’ll be able to shop at any retailer in America while getting access to a custom curation of brands, deals, and rewards that are tailored specifically to the way you shop—as in, Klarna does most of the heavy lifting to find the good stuff for you. You can also use the app at a ton of partnered retailers you already know and love (think Adidas, lululemon, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, and more). Just click the Klarna button when you check out on their site or scan the app in-store, and it’s “smoooth” sailing from there.

If you decided to pay later, there are plenty of options available for your wallet, too.

When shopping with Klarna, there are plenty of perks available for your wallet, too. First, there’s the popular “pay in 4,” where you split your purchase into four installments. Don’t worry, there’s no interest and it doesn’t touch your credit score. Klarna also gives you access to exclusive deals with hundreds of their retail partners. Save items you love to your profile, and the app will notify you whenever there’s a price drop or sale so you can snag the best stuff at the best price.

Whatever you want to buy—and however you want to buy it—is about to get even easier. Hey, even style icons like A$AP Rocky are turning to the app to reconnect with their style. And if it works for him, you know it works for us, too. Here, three of our own Men’s Health editors share their advice on what post-pandemic situations they’ve been shopping for and what they’ve opted in to buy with Klarna.

Heading Back to the Office


Spencer Dukoff, deputy editor of content strategy, is prepping to get back into the office. Not only is his day-to-day life about to feel a whole lot different, but he’s thinking about it differently, too. “More so than ever before, I’m focused on comfort and versatility,” he says. “I can only imagine that over a year spent working from home will push officewear norms in a more casual direction.” But that doesn’t mean he’s dying to wear gym shorts to work. What it does mean is shopping for clothes that prioritize quality fabrics.

spencer dukoff

For Spencer, that looks like grabbing a pair of refined joggers that look professional but feel like a pair of workout pants, and pairing them with a classic polo. When it comes to a blazer, he’s looking for one that feels as far from rigid as one can get without venturing into loungewear. Wear it with a clean-cut tee and a go-to pair of shoes that feel like sneakers but look dressed up.

“In terms of gear, this is the re-introduction of a proper commute,” Spencer points out. “A lot of the items I took for granted, like headphones or a watch, will become a little more crucial to maintaining a sense of normalcy and routine.” He’s opting into a non-obtrusive pair of commute-noise-canceling headphones and a cool leather briefcase for concealing all his other tech.

He’s investing in a few key things, too. First, a set of tumblers for entertaining clients and making his in-office desk feel more homey. And he’s going in on a new watch—something he can wear to work, but also one he can wear every day that makes him feel good. For a smart way to manage his spend, he’d go for the Klarna pay in four option, which lets shoppers plan out larger purchase without interest—instead of having to watch them sit idly on a credit card statement.

Packing a Vacation Bag


Ebenezer Samuel, fitness director, is looking forward to spending his summer outdoors. While he’s stocking up on some goods for vacation, he’s thinking about shopping all differently. “The pandemic was the first time I really got to LIVE in my house, and I swear we found rooms I didn’t know I had,” he says. “It was a good reminder of how much overall stuff I’d collected that I never used or didn’t need. Post-pandemic I definitely think about that more. Do I really need this? Will it really enrich my life and my experience?

ebenezer samuel

Heading to the beach is one of those experiences Eb can’t wait to pack his bags for—keeping in mind versatility, quality, and comfort. His wardrobe has to work for days in the sand and the rest of his vacation, e.g. double-duty items like quick-dry swim trunks that double as shorts, and a polo in absorbent terry cloth. For some of the more fashion items, Eb is making use of Klarna’s collection feature, which lets you compile products from different retailers and keep tabs on all the deals. Eb is waiting to get those Klarna price drop notification so he can nab a pair of slides and some polarized sunglasses that his wife “won’t make fun of.”

For a gear refresh: speakers, a tablet for reading, and a durable but cool weekender duffle that’ll fit it all. This one’s great for summer trips as well as for fall hikes and ski trips. Plus, he’s investing in a pricey but necessary cooler. Using it now while paying for it throughout the next few months means he can really enjoy it (no big credit-bill guilt required).

Making the Wedding-Season Rounds


Adam Mansuroglu, senior style and commerce editor, is ready for a change of style pace and is looking forward to clothes that make him feel good. “I haven’t worn a suit in what feels like a century, but now that it’s time to store my sweatpants, I want to go full-on stylish,” he says. “This summer, I’m trying to channel the looks of some film icons with classic pieces that have a hint of retro vibes.” For Adam, that effortless cool looks like a seersucker suit, a linen polo, and loafers—light and comfortable for the heat, but heavy on swagger.

adam mansuroglu

Adam always looks for high-quality garments and accessories, and this summer wedding season is no exception. “I am totally willing to shell out some cash for goods that will stand the test of time, but thankfully, Klarna allows me to revamp my post-vaccination wardrobe without taking a major hit on my wallet all at once,” he says. That means he can start using his carry-on bag, sunglasses, and jewelry right away—all the next-level accessories he might normally have to buy individually to match his in-the-moment shopping budget.

And because he’s planning on spending a busy summer out of the house, Adam is stocking up on tech to keep him on top of everything: a portable charger to stash in his travel bag and an AirTag to keep track of things on the go. He might get to pay that nice bag off over time, but that’s not stopping him from using it ASAP.

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