What to know about D.L. Eyewear: Reviews, products, and alternatives

What to know about D.L. Eyewear: Reviews, products, and alternatives

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D. L. Eyewear is a company offering designer frames at a lower price than many competitors. While its products do not require a prescription, they are compatible with prescription lenses.

The Vision Council reports that 37.1% of Americans wear two or more pairs of eyeglasses, with 51.7% regularly wearing two or more pairs of sunglasses. However, not all these eyewear purchases are for correcting vision problems or protecting eye health.

Many people choose their glasses based on various factors. Some individuals look for products that reflect their personality, while others prefer wearing celebrity-endorsed glasses.

This article explores the D.L. Eyewear brand in more detail, as well as its products and services. It will also look at some alternative brands and health considerations regarding vision health.

Please note that the writer of this article has not tried these products. All information presented is purely research-based.

D.L. Eyewear has been in business since 2013 and creates products for different styles and face shapes. The founder believes glasses can be a form of self-expression as they can reflect a person’s mood.

People can find the company’s motto, “see with love,” inscribed in every frame available for purchase.

D.L. Eyewear also donates a percentage of its profits to Local Initiatives Support Corporation, a community supporting diversity and local business owners.

While the company does not have profile pages with Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau, it has an Instagram page where it shares its product imagery with customers.

Some Instagram users who have purchased their glasses from D.L. Eyewear comment that they did not receive any notifications or updates about their order. Others also mention that its products do not come with a measurement guide. However, positive comments focus on the quality of the glasses.

D.L. Eyewear’s glasses come in various colors, while its frames consist of stainless steel and cellulose acetate.

The brand offers a small collection of eyewear frames in an effort to lower its carbon footprint. It believes that by selling a limited range at a time, the company is less likely to have an excess of stock and materials. It also strives to use eco-friendly products whenever possible.

However, D.L. Eyewear does not sell prescription glasses. Its optical frames come with clear, nonprescription acrylic lenses, and people can also find sunglasses featuring tinted nylon lenses and UV protection.

These products do not come with blue light-blocking lenses, which filter the blue light from digital devices. However, all of its products are compatible with prescription lenses — according to the company website, people can take their D.L. Eyewear glasses to a local optician to fit their prescription lenses.

The company does not manufacture prescription eyewear, so people do not need to add or upload a prescription when they order.

Individuals can browse through the optical or sunglasses collection to choose their preferred frame. They may wish to opt for glasses based on their face shape, and they also need to check the description and dimensions to confirm it is compatible with their style and size. Once satisfied with their order, they can proceed to the checkout stage.


D.L. Eyewear offers a 30-day return policy on unworn frames. People who are not satisfied with their purchase can return the product within this timeframe for a refund. However, refunds do not cover shipping costs.

There are other online eyewear companies available, including:

  • Warby Parker: Offers glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses for adults and allows people to try on up to five frames for free at home. It also has an iPhone app so that individuals can try on frames virtually. A person can also add blue light-filtering lenses to their frames. Learn more about Warby Parker.
  • GlassesUSA: Sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, contacts, and sports glasses for adults and children. People can also purchase prescription and blue light glasses, while designer and house brand frames are available. In addition, individuals may benefit from the service’s virtual try-on feature. Learn more about GlassesUSA.
  • DIFF Eyewear: Sells prescription glasses and sunglasses for adults, while people can shop online or at selected retail stores. It also offers eyeglasses cases and care kits. Learn more about DIFF.

According to health experts, people should visit their eye doctor regularly, as this reduces the likelihood of eye health issues and ensures they are using the correct eyewear.

Doctors may also recommend the use of sunglasses: some healthcare professionals state that they protect the iris, lens, cornea, and retina from sun damage because they block UV light. In addition, the American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that people wear sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. Oversized glasses may also be helpful, which could provide more protection and prevent UV light from entering the eyes from the sides.

D. L. Eyewear is an online retailer offering small collections of glasses for sale. They come without a prescription, but customers can take their glasses to a local optician if they wish to incorporate prescription lenses.

Individuals should get their eyes checked regularly, as eye doctors can diagnose any eye health issues, such as sun damage.

They may also wish to check other companies that manufacture similar products and compare their features and services before committing to a purchase.