Winter skin care tips | FOX21 News Colorado

Winter skin care tips | FOX21 News Colorado

(COLORADO SPRINGS) — Winter weather can be harsh on our skin and Dr. Renata Prado with Vanguard Skin Specialists said it’s important to remember to protect it even when the temperature drops.

“Skin cancer is caused by exposure of our skin to Ultra Violet radiation, it can be from natural sources like the sun or it can be artificial sources like tanning beds,” Prado said.

Colorado’s sunny climate and higher elevation increase our exposure to Ultra Violet Radiation.

“The higher the elevation the greater the intensity of the Ultra Violet Radiation,” Prado said.

Because Coloradans also tend to enjoy being outdoors all four seasons, Prado said there is a high rate of skin cancer in our state.

“When you’re going to the mountains, when you’re going to ski, or just going to enjoy the outdoors, first of all, make sure you are using good sun protection,” Prado said.

She added that sun protection is important year-round, not just in the summer. Sunscreen should be broad-spectrum with protection against Ultra Violet A and B rays and Prado said to remember to reapply about every two hours.

Following a day out in the sun, Prado recommends using a good, thick moisturizer.

With extremely cold temperatures on the way, Prado said now is a good time to stock up on moisturizing ointments, creams, and even a humidifier for your bedroom.

“The colder the weather, the less water the air will hold so the more our skin will dry,” Prado said. “And on top of that, we use heaters, which will dry our skin, so I do recommend that people invest in a good moisturizer.”

“A not very popular recommendation is to avoid hot showers and hot baths,” Prado said. “Dry skin can progress into itchy skin and that can progress into an inflamed state of the skin and in severe cases you might even need to see a dermatologist for a prescription to treat that inflammation, so it’s better not to get to that point and just to prevent and take care of our skin.”