Your ultimate guide to in-flight skincare | Life-style News

Your ultimate guide to in-flight skincare | Life-style News

As you embark on your next long-haul flight, don’t let the dry, recycled cabin air dull your glow. Maintaining a skincare routine at 30,000 feet may seem challenging, but with a few expert tips, you can step off the plane looking as refreshed as when you boarded.

But first, let’s understand the common skin concerns people face during flights.

Dr Seema Oberoi Lall, consultant in dermatology at CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram, explained that long-haul flights present specific challenges to skin health, primarily due to the filtered and recirculated air in the cabin.

“This environment tends to be drier, leading to dehydration concerns for passengers. Additionally, the enclosed space and the sheer volume of people contribute to stagnant air, especially during extended flights exceeding six to eight hours. This recirculated air may harbor various pathogens, germs, and allergens, posing a risk for those prone to allergies who might experience breakouts,” she added.

So, how can you keep your skin healthy? Recently, Aashi Adani, a beauty blogger, took to Instagram to share a few in-flight skincare tips.

  • Never wear makeup, especially on a long flight, as it can clog your pores.
  • Flights tend to make the skin very dry, so carry a mist to hydrate your skin throughout the journey.
  • Carry a sheet mask to get that extra hydration. Additionally, the leftover serum can go on your hands and neck.
  • Always wear SPF. When we are at such a height, even one hour of exposure to the sun gives the same amount of radiation as 20 minutes on a tanning bed.
  • Always make sure to keep the windows closed as much as possible.
  • Carry any lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.

Adding to this, Dr Lall said, “It’s essential to drink an ample amount of water to keep your skin well-hydrated. Don’t forget the delicate under-eye area—applying a specialised cream can keep your eyes refreshed, combating the tired look that often accompanies long flights.”

For those prone to acne, steer clear of greasy products, as breakouts can be triggered after extended travel. “Opt for oil-free moisturisers, especially if you have oily-prone skin, to maintain a healthy complexion throughout the journey,” Dr Lall added.

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Once you disembark from the flight, consider taking a refreshing bath and changing your clothes. “Airports and flights expose travelers to a plethora of allergens, given the convergence of individuals from around the globe, each carrying their unique set of allergies and germs. These closed environments, sustained for extended periods, aren’t the most conducive to skin health. Therefore, it’s advisable to prioritise personal hygiene—cleanse yourself, take a bath, and change into fresh clothing upon reaching your destination,” she concluded.